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Summer in the Psalms - Psalm 145
This summer we’re spending some time in one of the most treasured books in the Bible – the Book of Psalms. They are ancient worship songs and poems that help us see God more clearly and help us engage with Him relationally. We’re kicking off this series and ending it with Night of Worship (May 26th & August 4th). We’re also challenging ALL OF US to READ through the Psalms together in the month of June and again in July. You can find that YouVersion reading plan on our app – click on the BIBLE tab on home page of the app, or pick up a bookmark with the reading plan at the Elements Next Steps table. Lean in with us this summer, and see how God will meet us and stir our hearts with the Psalms.
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    Sunday 5:00 PM

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We have a phrase we use: 'sing the praises' - referring to when we talk up or share about something or someone that means a lot to us.
“One reason the the book of Psalms so powerfully affects us is that it is a ‘soul book’. It is the premier soul book on earth. It touches us at the deepest levels of our lives, far beyond our conscious thoughts and endeavors. It expresses and helps us to express the most profound parts of our lives.”
-Dallas Willard
Psalm 145 is chalked full of insights, understandings and instruction all about praise. King David is pledging to praise God, practicing his praise to the Lord and pushing us to follow his pattern
**this is the only Psalm that is listed as: “a psalm of praise”
**here begins the grand doxology of the entire collection, for praise plays a greater part of Psalms 145–150 than in most of the others. The word “praise” occurs 46 times in these last six psalms.
In the first two verses alone, the Psalm writer uses 3 different verbs to describe this act of praising God.
To praise God is to exalt him—to lift him up.
To praise God is to praise him—to bless him from the heart.
To praise God is to “extol” him—to (admire, eulogize) his name.

Another feature of this Psalm is that it is cast in an acrostic form. Although it’s not something that can be seen in our English translations, every verse begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
There’s a call to praise God in this Psalm
There’s instruction about praise in this Psalm
There’s practical example’s of praise in this Psalm
The art of praise is a learned art. We can ALL learn how to praise God better, deeper and more — praise and exalting God can become a natural rhythm & reflex within our lives.
Praise is to be passed along – from one generation to another, that the younger generation sees the older generation praising God, in worship, in expressing gratitude and attention to God for WHO He is and WHAT He has done and is doing is meant to be normal and natural!

We all learned by things passed along to us - praise is to be passed along.
The art of praise has a theological foundation.
Praise is always grounded in the nature of God - WHO He is = shapes how we praise Him and what we praise him FOR.
=the Psalm writer emphasizes 3 key attributes that are to influence our practice of praise: God’s greatness, God’s grace and God’s goodness.
*there are certainly other attributes, but these 3 are highlighted in this Psalm.
1) God’s greatness
Psalm 145:3
Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.
There is no one like our God – there is NONE greater!
There is NO HIGHER AUTHORITY out there – to no one else do we ultimately look toward as greater. God’s greatness is far and above and over ALL People, All authorities, all nations, ALL THINGS. David is declaring that theological truth!
2) God’s grace
verse 8: “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.” The Psalmist tells us: Though God’s wrath is real, it is not quickly stirred. He is “slow to anger.” But more than that, David says God is “rich in love.” This is the committed love of God that compels him to keep his promises even when we do not keep ours.
3) God’s goodness
v.9 The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.
v.13b the Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.

God’s goodness comes from His true nature. He is not evil, there is no impurity or malice within him. He truly is a Good Heavenly Father.
All of these things lead the Psalmist to draw 3 important conclusions about God in verses 17–20:
He is a God who is near, not a God who is far away.
He is a God who listens, not a God who turns a deaf ear.
He is a God who watches, not a God who is closes his eyes to what is going on around him.
We can expect God to act in a way that is consistent with his nature and His Goodness.

As we think about these 3 key dimensions of God’s nature—his greatness, his grace and his goodness — one can’t help noticing how profoundly they are embodied in the person and work of Jesus!!! Jesus’ greatness, his grace and his goodness are on display for you to encounter and experience…if ya wanna know what God is like: look to Jesus!!
Let God’s greatness, grace and goodness occupy my heart, marinate my mind, flow from my lips, and pour out from my prayers.
David ends with:
=Verse 21 says: “My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.”
But how do I do it? How do I begin to weave praise into my life?
I believe it has to do with "expressive admiration" - the same way that we are purposeful in expressing admiration to the people around us (though we all could get better) - it's pausing to praise!
Pausing throughout our day/our week to intentionally praise God and whisper our admiration and gratitude and thankfulness and encouragement to Him for Who He is and What He does for us.
Pausing to remember His greatness, His grace, His goodness to me.
I wanna to get better at weaving in some 'pausing to praise' moments throughout my day, my week. so it's more of a natural overflow of how I live. That’s what David is highlighting in this Psalm – let praise for God become NATURAL AND NORMAL for you

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