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REVIVE: Week 1- "The PAST"
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    1300 N Vine St, Abilene, KS 67410, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
“There is no more important subject of the Christian church at this present hour, than this very question of the need of revival…it is second to none.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones noted preacher and evangelist
"To have revival you have to have had VIVAL in the first place."
Gordon Anderson, former President of North Central University in Minneapolis
B. Historical Perspective on Revival
“Revival Rising” by Mark Nysewander
Listing of classic revivals for further study

The Moravian Revival (1727-1739) 9 yrs
Germany; became missionaries
Led Wesley brothers (John and Charles) to Salvation
The American Great Awakening (1734-1760) 26 yrs
Jonathan Edwards (preacher) Massachusetts
**before the birth of our nation
The British Great Awakening (1739-1791) 52 yrs
John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and George Whitfield met
Moravians and were swept up in revival power
The Cane Ridge Revival (1801-1830) 29 yrs
The American Second Great Awakening (1824-1860) 36 yrs
Charles Finney (a lawyer), Rochester NY
Walter and Phoebe Palmer (Methodists), Canada
Jeremiah C. Lanphier (business man), NY
Sailors felt the presence of God in NY Harbor
People spent their lunch hours praying in Churches
The Holiness Revival (1867-1894) 27 yrs
J.A.Wood, John Inskip, William Osborn (Methodist Pastors)
Used Wesley’s revival as a model; camp meetings
Starts in northern states, migrates to southern war torn
then on to England
Spawns several holiness denominations
The Welsh Revival (1904-1906) 2 yrs
Evan Roberts prayed for revival and traveled with a team
The Azusa Street Revival (1906-1909) 3 yrs
William Seymour (holiness preacher) from Topeka, KS
Revival was in Los Angeles, CA
Started in a home meeting
The Hebrides Revival (1949-1952) 3 yrs
Peggy and Christine Smith (2 elderly sisters) Scotland
The Asbury College Revival (1970) 1 yr
An Anonymous Student shares a spontaneous testimony in Chapel Service
Classes were suspended for several days
Continuous Chapel Service for 185 hours through 8 days
and 7 nights
**one of the longest uninterrupted revival services
The Toronto Revival (1994-2006) 12 yrs
Randy Clarke gives testimony at a Church of 120 in
Toronto Canada (Pastor John Arnott’s Vineyard Church)
“Perhaps one of the reasons we don’t see revival is because we’ve lost hope that it’s possible. If we gauge the likelihood of revival on the culture around us then it does seem unlikely. That’s why we have to look at God’s Word in regards to revival and the revivals that have taken place in modern history.” Pastor Gordon McClure
The Kingdom grows and God's people become passionate about the Kingdom when they're revived. It's the normative state for a believer, not the exception.
"An altar without a sacrifice is a piece of wood or stone without purpose."
Pat and Karen Schatzline from "Rebuilding the Altar"
8.11.19 Announcements
-Movie Night TONIGHT 6pm: "Breakthrough" sponsored by Family Life Ministry
-Operation Christmas Child items for August: School Supplies
-Sunday, Aug. 18th @ 6pm Rob Schmutz will be with us for a special service
-The Well Classes insert: learn more about and sign up for the fall Well Classes. The Well begins Wednesday, Sept. 11 with dinner at 5:45pm and classes at 6:30pm
-Nehemiah Project Sign Ups are up and running!! Your help is needed on the project. Check out the slots that are available for a two hour shift. Must be 13 and older to participate.
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