Hope Community Church
Sunday Christmas Gathering - December 22nd, 2019
• Hope's Coffee Café - coffee/tea bar in the foyer from 9:30-9:55 AM • Child Care (ages 6wks-5yrs) & Kids Church (K-5th Grade) provided!
Locations & Times
  • Hope Community Church
    1240 Jay St, Waterford Twp, MI 48327, USA
    星期日 10:00 上午

Week 10:
The JOY of Christmas

Babies and joy go hand in hand.
Babies and joy go hand in hand, but the Joy of Christmas is a two-part story.
Real Christmas joy is found in His coming and His cross.

The accuracy of the New Testament we read today is around 99% of the original autographs. We are uncertain of only about 1,400 of the 138,000 Greek words in the New Testament. The 1% does not in any way affect the core beliefs and doctrines of Christianity.
The greatest gift of Christmas is not under a tree, is it Jesus who died on one!
Jesus is…
Immovable - Unable to be moved, steadfast, unyielding
Impeccable - Free from fault or blame, not capable of sinning
Immutable - Not capable of susceptible to change
Invaluable - Valuable beyond estimation
Incredible - Too extraordinary and improbable to be believed
Incomparable - Beyond comparison, matchless
Incorruptible - Not subject to decay or dissolution
Indescribable - Surpassing description
To have real Christmas joy you need Jesus!