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Face Your Fears: Fear of a Meaningless Life
What causes Fear in your life? Through this sermon series we will learn how to face our fears from a biblical point of view.
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What is man?

Darwin = a highly developed animal
Freud = an underdeveloped child
Marx = simply an economic factor
Pascal = a reed – but a thinking reed
Twain = God made man at the end of the week when deity was tired
What are 3 observations regarding Psalm 8?

It is a psalm of David

It is designed to be “on the Gittith”

Most probably Gittith is derived from Gath, and ancient city of the Philistines which was the hometown of Goliath the giant

Meaninglessness and insignificance is often a giant we face
It opens and closes with the same words

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth”

God is identified with being majestic (wide, great high, noble)

The works and attributes of the Lord are universal (all the earth)
What must we understand about God?

His glory is displayed in the heavens (v1)

His glory is displayed in the newborn (2)
What must we understand about man?

The PERPLEXITY of Man(v3-4)

In comparison to the immense creation of the universe, man seems to be somewhat insignificant

“consider” = to behold, take a look; David is likely outside (at night due to his using the term “moon and stars”)

The word “man” is an uncommon Hebrew word indicating weakness, frailty and sickness

David is asking, “In comparison to the greatness of God as seen in the heavens, what is puny, weak, frail mankind to?

In light of man’s seemingly insignificance, David is amazed at two actions of God toward man

God remembers (thinks of) mankind

God takes cares of mankind (1 Peter 5:7)
The PLACEMENT of Man (v5-8)

In spite of the difference between God and man, the Lord has set His love upon mankind and given humanity a place of dignity and importance in this world

We are made lesser than the angels (word for angel is “Elohim” which is an OT term for God)

We are crowned with glory and honor (we are the only of God’s creation made in God’s image)

We are made to rule over creations (Genesis 1:28-30)

Hebrews 2:6-9 apply these same verses to Jesus

Prophetically, this Psalm deals with Christ

Historically, this Psalm deals with all mankind
To have a meaningful life, I must understand…

Who God is – He is the majestic, glorious One

Who man is – He is made in God’s image for God’s glory

Who Christ is – Due to sin, meaningful life is only possible through Jesus Christ