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Summer in the Psalms - Psalm 103
This summer we’re spending some time in one of the most treasured books in the Bible – the Book of Psalms. They are ancient worship songs and poems that help us see God more clearly and help us engage with Him relationally. We’re kicking off this series and ending it with Night of Worship (May 26th & August 4th). We’re also challenging ALL OF US to READ through the Psalms together in the month of June and again in July. You can find that YouVersion reading plan on our app – click on the BIBLE tab on home page of the app, or pick up a bookmark with the reading plan at the Elements Next Steps table. Lean in with us this summer, and see how God will meet us and stir our hearts with the Psalms.
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  • Elements City Church
    1825 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
    Sunday 5:00 PM

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The theme of this song, or hymn, is "Bless the Lord/Praise the Lord." Six times in a very significant way, the psalmist brings to the surface the theme of Psalm 103. We bless the Lord by praising him, by exalting his name, by getting lost in the wonder of WHO He is and ALL He's done for us. Psalm 103 says: get into the habit of being thankful…grow your gratitude and grow it NOW! Remember His BENEFITS & blessings.
We bless the Lord by “forgetting none of his benefits”
David says in verse 2: "Forget none of his benefits." Literally it reads, "And do not forget all his awards." David is challenging himself and US – don’t let your hearts become ungrateful or drift from living with a thankful heart!
It’s easy to forget. So, write yourself a ‘spiritual sticky note’ if you must, but don’t forget all the benefits God has given you!
David highlights 5 specific benefits given us from God. WE ALSO receive blessings from God, but he’s highlighting 5 benefits that ORIGINATE from God.
1st) God is the one who pardons all your iniquities.
Forgiveness is first in order, as you cultivate a grateful heart. We must never forget the good & continual forgiving hand of God!
2nd) "He heals all your diseases."
He's healed all the diseases of my soul, that's what he's saying. You remember the healing that God has done in your life over your past. God is always at work doing a number of inside jobs / internal healing of our brokenness, that only the Lord and we know about.

Philippians 1:6 - “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.”
3rd) "He redeems your life from the pit."

The reference to the pit, literally, is a word that means, "to be in ruin, to be in destruction or corruption." He redeems your life from corruption, from the pit. This has a reference to the moment of our salvation.
4) Crowns you with love and compassion
You may have had many, many things hanging over you – defining you, but NOW – we’re crowned with God’s loving-kindness and compassion.
*hardly anyone gets hired into a company without a period of probation.
But when you come into God's family, there's no period where you must prove yourself. == you’re crowned (we’re granted a crown / like sonship).
When you and I come to know Jesus Christ as our Savior, and become a member of his family. We’re instantly and permanently a member of His family.
5th) who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. (NIV)

He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s! (NLT)

He satisfies your spirit, the ornament of your soul, with good. The idea is that he provides what is enjoyable and satisfying so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.
God meets us in all these aspects and brings what we need in each of these ways. This psalm is David writing a ‘spiritual sticky note’ to remind himself to remember and never forget all God has done, continues to do.
= More gratitude will not come from more acquisitions, but from more awareness of God's presence with you and God's goodness to you.
Do you ever stop to contemplate all you have been given in Jesus?
We invite you to read through Ps 103 this week and journal about the benefits you get to experience as one who is now forevermore connected with Christ in faith. Jot a list of God's blessings in your life as well.
Make it an intentional point to practice gratitude this week!

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