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It's Good! Week 4 of the series "Psalms Of Ascents"

June 23rd, 2019 Presented by Pastor Joshua Kennon
A Few Questions/Statements To Gauge Your Spirit Of Unity...

1. Do I have unresolved relational conflict?
2. Am I a relational wrecking ball dressed up in truth and wisdom?
3. Do my relationships tend to go awry on a regular basis?
4. Do I like to argue about secondary issues?
5. In past relationships that have gone bad… it’s always been the other person's fault.
6. Do I have relationships within the church? Or do I tend to keep my distance?
Unity Is False When...
1. We’re not really sharing our lives together.
2. We’re not really dealing with issues.
3. When there’s no conviction.
Practical Thoughts...

1. Do you long for the sweetness of being with the family of believers?

"Being A PART Of The Church Is Important!"
Practical Thoughts...

2. Look for more ways to be with your church family.

"Don't Let Selfishness & Pride Stop You!"
Practical Thoughts...

3. Move outside your normal boundaries of Christian Fellowship.

"Walk Across Generational/Ecumenical/Racial/Etc... Boundaries In Fellowship!"