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6.23.2019 | 2 Peter - Week 3
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This Week's Bulletin
June 23, 2019

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.


9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donuts
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service
3:00 pm ~ Worship Practice

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT

6:30 pm ~ Saturday Night Spanish Service


Farewell . . .
Michelle Guillory will be moving to Indianapolis near the end of June. Today is her last week that she will be able to be with us.

Women of Purpose
The next event for the women will be the Summer refresher that will be held at Diane Crumrine’s house on Friday, July 19 starting at 6:00 pm. Join us as Dee D’Agostino shares with us. Please be sure to sign up at the women’s table in the upper foyer. Please bring a favorite picture of yourself to share and be prepared to tell the memory that goes along with it.

WOP Fall Conference News
We would like to do an early registration in June so we are able to secure a group section for seating. If you plan on attending, please sign up in the upper foyer. We can register after June, but the closer we are to the right count, the better our seating will be.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Mark your calendars for this 4 day event. It will be held Aug 4-7. The theme is Video Games and the title we have chosen is “POWER UP”. Donations of $5.00 / $10.00 / $25.00 gift cards to purchase gifts and supplies are being accepted at this time.

Young Adult Ministry
We are beginning a Young Adult Ministry geared to young single adults, ages post-high school to 30. Katie Jones will be heading this up. If you would like to be on the ground floor of this new ministry, please sign up at We will have an informational meeting once we have sufficient interest.


Saturday Evening Spanish Service
In addition to the regular Sunday afternoon service, Pastor Luis has started a Saturday evening service, beginning at 6:30 pm. Continue to pray for Pastor Luis and this tremendous outreach.

Online Giving
In the age of smart phones, websites, social media and electronic banking, our church wants to be sure that we are exploring every technology that will ultimately benefit the work of God here in Dover Assembly. We have partnered with the company and put a link on our website and phone app that will permit online giving.

You can learn more and give online at

New Chairs
The new sanctuary chairs have been ordered and we will receive them sometime between July 1-3. As the date gets closer we will have a more exact date. We will need help to unload the truck and stack the chairs in the sanctuary. We will remove the pews at a later date.

July 13 ~ Men’s Breakfast
July 19 ~ WOP Women’s Summer Refresher
Aug 4-7 ~ VBS
Aug 9 ~ WOP Women’s Summer Book Club Dinner
Aug 29, Sept 2-8 ~ Dover Fireman’s Fair
Sept 6-15 ~ York County Fair
Sept 7 ~ “Fearless” Youth Event
Sept 9 ~ Women’s Bible Study Begins
Sept 14 ~ Women’s One Day Event
Sept 22 ~ “Invite Your One” Day
Sept 25 ~ See You at the Pole
Oct 5 ~ Dover Parade
Oct 11 ~ Women’s Cupcake Decorating Night
Oct 18-19 ~ Men’s Conference @ CLA
Nov 8 ~ Joyce Meyer
Nov 15-16 ~ Women’s Conference

Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
~ Helen S.
~ Beulah S
Prayer Needs
~ Robin H.
~ Rose K
~ Lois P.
~ Marian T.

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Week 3 - June 23, 2019 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Last week we began our study on what Peter was teaching these folks growing as a Christian. We know that coming to Christ isn’t the end of it, it is really only the beginning.

Just as we are called to grow in this life through school, hard work, time spent learning, so it is with being a Christian.

So Peter begins a list of qualities that every believer needs to actively work on. These traits do not come naturally. They are also presented in a particular order.

It is similar to building a wall of bricks. You have to lay down the first layer before you can start on the 2nd layer. Then the longer the first layer is the longer the 2nd layer can be. You can’t have a 2nd layer longer than the first. And so on.

Peter’s first layer or course of bricks was goodness. If we don’t become morally good, then what we build on top of that will do us no good.

Then once we begin to have moral excellence, then we use that excellence to develop knowledge. Not just worldly knowledge, but spiritual knowledge.

As our moral lives are growing better, we can acquire more knowledge and be confident that the knowledge will be used well.

Then, as we gain knowledge, we need to be able to exercise self-control. To control our use of the knowledge we have. To deny ourselves certain things that may hinder our growth and spiritual walk.

John Maxwell says this about leadership and authority and growth and life: "In order to go up, you have to give up."

In order to get better (go up) in a sport or a career, you have to give up certain things. If you want to be a great athlete, you give up your free time in order to practice.

In order to go up in the business world, you have to give up leaving right at 5:00. You have to give up your ability to leave the work at the office. You now have to take it with you or put in longer hours.

So it is with our spiritual walk. We have to give up in order to go up.

Now we come to the next layer of spiritual maturity or spiritual growth.
Everyone who starts a diet or starts to exercise, or wants a good devotional life, starts out well.

We are motivated, we are in for the long haul...until the first month is over.

Then we aren’t motivated, we aren’t in it for the long haul. Too many things interfere with this lofty goal.

That’s why Peter says, self-control is great, but you are going to need perseverance if you want to mature. You are going to have to stick it out even when you don’t feel like it or even want to.

When Peter is listing these qualities, self-control is meant for life’s pleasures. Patience or perseverance is used for life’s difficulties.

We have to persevere when life doesn’t go as planned.

A person who cannot be self-controlled, usually isn’t very able to persevere.

We have to be able to handle life’s pleasures before we can handle life’s problems.

Just like every other virtue on this list, it doesn’t happen overnight.
It takes time. As you focus on being good, it becomes easier, then we being good is a bit easier, then we are more able to handle the knowledge we have, then more able to exercise self-control, which helps us to persevere.

One commentary says it this way: “Perseverance is the ability to continue in the faith and resist the pressures of the world system.”
Godliness means “God likeness” or “to worship well”

It describes the man that is in right relationship with God and his fellow man. Someone who seeks to do God’s will regardless of the pain or trials it may produce.

He does what is right simply because it is right.
The word in the Greek is literally Philadelphia.

Being a Christian requires us to love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Dealing with people may not always be the easiest and some are easier to love than others, but God requires us to love them regardless.
We cannot do that in our own strength. It requires all of the virtues built and strengthened to produce that ability in us.
The word here is AGAPE! That means unconditional love. That is what God has for us.

With Brotherly love, we love because of our likenesses to others.

AGAPE we love in spite of our differences.

All of these characteristics do not happen automatically. They require our dependence on God AND our diligent effort to cultivate them.

People may themselves have some of these characteristics or virtues, but when they display them, they point to the person. They get the glory and credit.

Christians should produce these, not to get any credit, but to point people to Christ.

God wants us to grow and mature.
We will become like Christ if we diligently cooperate with the God and use the means He has provided.

One great thing about this: We do NOT lose who we are in the process. We don’t lose our personalities. We still are unique. God does not want us to be someone else.

When we try to be someone else, we now focus on them rather than God.

Focus on God, not a person. God will use who you are: Your personality, your mannerisms, your idiosyncrasies, your unique talents and abilities.

God transforms those traits in you to become more like Him. He doesn’t erase them.

So now Peter challenges them even more. It’s not enough to get them one time and be done.
He doesn’t say that we come to an end of trying to get these qualities.

He says that we constantly have to keep increasing our pursuit of each of them.

We never arrive, but he does tell us that we will see evidences of our growth when we do.
Do you feel you are being productive and effective in whatever God has called you to? The evidence of your spiritual growth is that you will see fruit in your life and ministry.

The verse tells us that if you keep pursuing these virtues, you can’t help but be productive and effective. We don’t need special talents and abilities to be productive, simply follow Christ and he will do it in you.

People are fruitful because they are faithful.

People are effective because they are growing in their Christian experience.

But what happens if once we get saved, we don’t do any of these things?
If we lack the discipline to tackle these virtues, our realization of what God has done, will dwindle.

We won’t be as thankful or grateful for what God has done for us by saving us. We then become short-sighted about why we’re here.

This happens in churches that become inward focused. They lose sight of their community and those that need to be saved and they focus on what is good for them.

It becomes all about our church and us and what we need and want, rather than focusing on the Great Commission.

It all boils down to this: If we do these things that Peter tells us, we will become more like Christ and have a heart for the world. If we don’t, we will be self-absorbed and caring only about ourselves.

Which do we want to be?
There is a saying:

It’s not our profession of faith that guarantees we are saved; it is our progression in the faith that gives us the assurance.
We are not saved by what we do, but we are saved to do.
Where do each of us stand today?

Do our lives truly represent someone who has been forgiven and is growing in our faith, or do we fool ourselves into thinking that I said a prayer, years ago, I don’t need to do anything else.

Thank you for joining us!

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