StoneBridge Community Church
Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind: Compassion
Associate Pastor Jonathan Lusche
Locations & Times
  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
  • StoneBridge Growth Groups
    Simi Town Center Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065, USA
    Sunday 11:59 PM

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Ten Things to Hate About Sleep Loss

Lack of sleep does much more than make you grumpy or groggy...

Nine Signs That You're Not Eating Enough

In our society where food is plentiful, eating too much gets most of our attention. But in a culture where "thin is beautiful" not eating enough should also be of concern...

The Text In Context

Insightful commentary on today's scripture.
1. Jesus...
Jesus encouraged rest.

A Brief History of the 8-Hour Workday

The eight-hour work day... didn't become the modern labor standard by accident...
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. If you were being honest, do you pride yourself for being too busy and/or working too much?
2. Are you tired? Spread too thin? Burned out? Why? How are these things effecting your attitude towards God, others and life in general?
3. Does keeping sabbath seem like work? If the principle of sabbath is meant to be a blessing, what must you do (or not do) to enter into that blessing?
2. Jesus...
Jesus paid attention to those around him.

The Genovese Effect

An interesting article titled, "A Call For Help" explains what the Kitty Genovese story really means...

The Bystander Effect and Pluralistic Ignorance

This article by Psychology Today explores the reasons for people's apathy in the face of emergencies and possible the antidote.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Have you or anyone close to you ever been the victim of The Bystander Effect? What happened? How did it feel?
2. Have you ever been the willing or unwilling culprit of The Bystander Effect? Upon reflection, what reasons prevented you from responding appropriately?
3. Are there any internal walls, resentments or prejudices that you harbor that require God's healing, in order that you might better see those around you? What are they?
3. Jesus...
Jesus displayed compassion.
Compassion: a feeling of deep sympathy for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Compassion includes action, "... to alleviate the suffering of others". Homelessness and poverty are easily identifiable. What other ways might people be suffering around you?
2. Some suffering requires great sacrifice to address. What small ways in everyday life might you address the suffering around you?
3. When StoneBridge offers opportunities to SERVE, do you participate? Why or why not?

Hosted by Michael and Sheryl Toney, this class is for people who desire to solidify the foundations of their Christian faith -- to learn what we believe and where those beliefs are found in the Bible. The five sessions include: The Bible, The Eternal God, New Birth and Baptism, Salvation and Grace, and Faith. Each class includes time for discussion and prayer. The class will be on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm, July 10 - August 7th. Sign up by making a note on your connection card or send an email to

StoneBridge Christian Recovery is designed to help you on the road to recovery of any hurts, habits, or hang-ups that are keeping you from a joyful and productive life. If you feel like you resonate with this, then please join us on Wednesday nights.

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