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Christ Wesleyan Church

June 16, 2019

June 16, 2019

Join us for our primary worship service each week on Sunday.

Locations & Times

CWC Milton: The Auditorium

363 Stamm Rd, Milton, PA 17847, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:45 AM

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Hearing and Obeying

A. Jonah gets a second chance…
1. Jonah had just finished his prayer.
2. The Lord ordered the fish to spit out Jonah.
3. God spoke once, then there were no other words until Jonah was ready to hear them; then God spoke the same words again.
B. Nothing changed and everything changed...
1. Jonah now had to travel back 2500 miles instead of 500 miles. Now the trip was further than it was when he was first given the command.
2. Jonah now had to go to the same city as before but now he had a failure behind him so there was an element of shame that he carried.
3. Jonah had to go to the same city and the Ninevites were still cruel and still evil, so his fear of the people didn’t change.
4. God had not given up on Nineveh, so God’s will for Jonah never changed.
C. Jonah took the message of God to the city...
1. Jonah’s message from God was not the most encouraging message to share, but it was the message God gave to the city.
2. The people received the message as it was from God and declared a fast.
3. The king received the message from God.
“When the king of Nineveh heard what Jonah was saying, he stepped down from his throne (God had his attention and someone else was on the throne) and took off his royal robes. (A sign of humility) He dressed himself in burlap (A sign of mourning) and sat on a heap of ashes. (A sign of repentance)” Vs 3:6
4. The king sent out a message to the city to proclaim a fast for all people and animals in the hope that God would spare them.
5. When God saw their repentance, He chose to not carry out the destruction He had threatened.
D. God's grace to Jonah, to Nineveh, to us...
1. God's grace is unchanging.
2. God's message of repentance is clear.
3. God's message of repentance is still unchanged!
4. The day before Jonah's message came to town, there were no signs of change...just business as usual. God is working in spite of the fact that we see no outward appearance of change!

Prayer Requests

Need prayer support? Our prayer team prays for your requests throughout the week. We love to hear how God has answered prayer! If you have a praise that God has answered a prayer and worked in incredible ways, share it with us.

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