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Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind: Feeding the 5000
Interim Pastor Neal Nybo
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Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Have you ever wondered if God has more in store for you? Or that you feel you have a greater purpose that you haven't yet identified?
2. Try to think of three Biblical characters that God prepared for great things. How did God prepare them?

How God prepares us

Today's sermon is about how God uses overwhelming challenges and inadequate resources to prepare us for greater things.Here is an article from Christianity today with similar but slightly different suggestions about how God prepares us.

I-5 Freedom Network

Pastor Neal told the story of how God prepared Brenda Wells, President of I-5 Freedom Network for this great ministry and responsibility.Click below to learn more about the I-5 Network.
1. God’s first tool: Overwhelming challenge
Sometimes overwhelming challenges are tools God uses to prepare us for more. Jesus never intended for Philip to get bread for all those people. Jesus used the question to prepare Philip for something far bigger.

Simple steps for solving overwhelming challenges

Thinking about how God may be working in our lives is nice. But, sometimes we need help dealing with difficulties. This article provides practical guidance.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. What is a challenge you face right now?
2. Does it seem overwhelming?
3. Can you see God in the challenge somewhere? If so, where?
2. Don’t limit Jesus to what you can imagine or figure out on your own.
We are used to figuring things out the best way we know how with the human intuition and grit that has gotten us this far in the world. Sometimes that means we do what Philip did. We limit ourselves to what we can figure out and limit what we are willing to believe Jesus can do.

When we face overwhelming challenges, if possible, be open to where this challenge may lead us. Pray, “Lord, please use this challenge to develop faith in me and to prepare me for my future in your plan.”
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Can you describe a time when you faced a challenge and you just did what you knew you could do?
2. How did that work out?
3. As you look back, can you imagine things working out differently if you had additional, perhaps divine resources?
3. God’s second tool: Inadequate resources
We first see Philip faced with the overwhelming challenge of trying to figure out how to feed 5000 people. Next, we see Andrew faced with totally inadequate resources - five small buns and two fish.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Do you face inadequate resources right now?
2. How are you handling it?
3. Do you think God may be using this to prepare you for something?
4. Confidence because of what we have seen Jesus do before.
Preparation Equation
Overwhelming challenges + Inadequate resources x Confidence = Preparation for something more in our lives.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. What challenges have you experienced in the past?
2. Have you ever had inadequate resources for a challenge?
3. Have you seen God at work in those challenges and lack of resources?
4. What do you know or trust about God because of how you have seen God at work in your challenges?
5. Recognize God may be preparing you for more
If you have the three elements of the preparation equation, God may be preparing you for something more.

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