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Cornerstone Community Church
Insomnia - Questions that keep us up at night. Week 3
Does my life really matter?
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  • Kutztown University: Boehm Science Hall Room 145
    15200 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

Cornerstone Community Church

Leading people to Jesus and fully following Him together.
What am I worth to God?

Psalm 139
GOD KNOWS every single detail about me.

Omni = “all”
Science = “knowledge”


Omni = “all”
Present = “places”
I can’t ESCAPE God’s searching eye.
In spite of all my guilt, GOD CARES about me.
God’s thoughts about me, OUTNUMBER every thought I’ve ever had.
I matter because I MATTER TO GOD.
Since God cares about me, I CARE TOO.
My NEXT STEP with God, THIS WEEK is to…

-- Think through these questions:
What lies about my worth have I been believing?
Who else do the words of Psalm 139 apply to?
(And how should that affect the way I treat them?)
Which verse/s in this psalm encourage me most? (Memorize them!)

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