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Culture Code Three:Encourage
In this series we are exploring the values and priorities that should shape the culture of the church. This week we talk Encouragement.
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  • Yass Community Baptist Church
    50 Laidlaw St, Yass NSW 2582, Australia
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Last week we explored what it looks like for the church to be a culture of honour. Honour is seeing and expressing the value of someone as they are. Encouragement is seeing who they can become and what they can do and giving them courage to step into who they are in Christ.
Only ENCOURAGE on days ending with Y
For the church it should be our habit to constantly encourage one another. Encouragement should be our impulse.

Who can you encourage before you leave this room?
Building up an not tearing down
They say Australians like to cut down the tall poppies. After all no one likes to see someone with a big head. In the church we are called to be different. We are called to restrict our speaking to words that build up and not tear down.

Real encouragement leads to humble hearts and not big heads.
A mighty warrior hiding in a wine press
When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, who was hiding in a wine press, there was no mention of his fear or cowardice. The angel of the Lord called him as he saw him, a mighty warrior.

What would it look like for you to speak into others lives in the same way?

Life Group Discussion Questions Below

As our life groups gather this week, we have attached our reference verse and some questions to prompt a deeper discussion and search into this week's topic.

If you are not currently part of a life group, and would like to join a small group of like minded people in fellowship and connection during the week, please contact Nick on 0417472474 to register your interest.
1. Share a time with the group that you felt incredibly encouraged by someone else. What impact did that have on you?
2. What do you think are the biggest barriers to the church becoming a culture of encouragement?
3. How do we overcome these barriers?
4. Hebrews 3:13 says that we should encourage one another daily. One barrier to encouragement is that we feel awkward because we are not in the habit. Take a significant amount of time in your group now to practice encouraging one another.
5. Set yourself a challenge to encourage at least one member of your group via text/phone/in person every day this week.

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