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UnStuck: When Families Get Stuck
Pastor Neal Nybo
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    Saturday 5:30 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
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    Sunday 11:59 PM

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Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Describe a family event where you or someone else got treated the way you did when you were a kid.

Pastor Neal described something called a family ego, a kind of shortcut that imparts solid values and lessons without having to develop them or learn them ourselves through trial and error. For example, parents teach children, "in our family boys open doors for girls." and "our kids go to college."
2. Can you relate to the idea of a family ego?
3. Do you have an example of something you learned?
1. We all grew up with a family swamp.
Just like family egos teach us positive things, family swamps instill in us negative ideas.

Family Systems Therapy

The concept of a family swamp comes out of Family Systems Theory and therapy. Here is more about it.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Here is more about family ego and swamps

John Calvin's statement about wisdom...

“Nearly all the wisdom which we possess, that is to say, true and sound wisdom, consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves.”

The Text In Context

Here is some background on the key part of this text dealing about Jesus' family.
2. We can’t help anyone when we are in the swamp.
Why do flight attendants tell us to put our own masks on first? Is it because they want us to be selfish? No. It’s because we can’t help others if we are incapacitated if we are compromised. Airlines aren’t telling us that it's every man for himself. They are telling us the best way to help people we love is to establish and maintain our own health first.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Have you ever had trouble understanding Mark 3:20-35 about Jesus' family standing outside?
2. Does the idea that they had a family swamp and wanted Jesus to come back into it help you understand what was going on?
3. Discuss how this quote relates to experiences that have happened in your family:
While we can understand the family’s concern (what family wouldn’t be concerned about reports of a family member’s emotional breakdown), their presence testifies to their lack of belief and serves to undermine Jesus’ credibility. It is also likely that they are concerned about the family’s reputation and are eager to stifle embarrassing gossip.
3. Stay on the path God has for you.
Nowhere do we read that Jesus met with his family after his teaching time was over. As far as the story is concerned, he moves on from the altercation. In fact, Mark never mentions Jesus’ family again. Jesus went from teaching in a crowded home to teaching by the lake with a huge mass of people. He stayed on the path God had for him.

Sometimes families just need a little help...

Here are some problem-solving tips for families without getting into the swamp or going for therapy.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. Who do you know who stayed on God's path for them and it helped their family?
2. Do you have a story of your family swamp the way Neal's story of his brother haunted him?
3. Have you ever wondered where Jesus was in that experience?
Group Prayer exercise
Take a few minutes of silence while one person leads the group through the following prayer.

One person prays out loud,
Lord, we want to talk to you about a situation from our past. You know the one I am thinking of...

Pause for ten seconds
While we sit quietly for one minute, we ask you Jesus, where were you in that situation?

Pause for one minute
Thank you, Lord that you were there. Thank you that you have the final word. Amen.

Ask if anyone would like to BRIEFLY share their experience in this prayer.

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