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A.W.E. - Acts of Worship Expressed - “Tôwdâh” & “Bârak”
Week 3: “Tôwdâh” (The expectation of praise) & “Bârak” (The posture of praise)
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  • Emmanuel Church
    1300 N Vine St, Abilene, KS 67410, USA
    星期日 8:30 早上, 星期日 10:45 上午
"Are you in AWE of Jesus?"

"How is the AWE of Jesus manifested in your life?"

- “yâdâh” – Hands of praise
- “hâlal” – The fools of praise
- “zâmar” – The music of praise

“Yâdâh” – Hands of Praise

“Yâdâh” Take Away: Yâdâh is for ALL people, because of the great work God has done, and a practice that we can start practicing now, because we will be doing it forever in Heaven.

“Hâlal” – The Fools of Praise

“Hâlal” Take Away: What stands in the way of you offering your highest expression of worship and praise to the Lord? The only opinion of your praise and worship that matters is God's.

“Zâmar” – The Music of Praise

“Zâmar” Take Away: Music can help us express creativity in our praise and worship. It can also be a weapon of warfare. It’s all about putting our focus on God and striving to move into His presence.

“Tôwdâh” – The Expectation of Praise

"True worship that is pleasing to God creates within the human heart a spirit of expectation and insatiable longing."

- A.W. Tozer
“Tôwdâh is a Hebrew word that means an extension of the hand in thanksgiving for what God has done. But it also means a sacrifice of praise for things not yet received. It is praising God with expectation. The psalmist used Tôwdâh as an expression of confession, a way to convey trust in the goodness of God.”
- Darren Whitehead (Pg. 59- Holy Roar)
Why does Tôwdâh (giving thanks, confession, sacrifice) matter?
- Offering it communicates God’s place
- Offering it connects God’s blessings
- Offering it creates an atmosphere of praise
- Offering it conveys God’s goodness

- from Pastor Dave Dewitt
"Tôwdâh" Take Away: The essence of “Tôwdâh” is believing in faith that God will fulfill His promises to You. When we raise our hands in praise and thanksgiving to God with great expectation of what He will do, we will be able to stand in AWE of His great works.

“Bârak” – The Posture of Praise

“It is a psalm of praise springing from thanksgiving. It’s the idea of falling on your knees in adoration and gratitude… the word bârak, is a word of humility. Bârak embodies the notion of kneeling before God, of blessing and adoring him, of recognizing one’s position in relation to him…. it’s used to describe worshippers falling on their knees before God in reverence, adoration, and thanks.”
- Darren Whitehead (Pg. 73-74 - Holy Roar)
“Bârak” Take away: “Bârak is a physical, emotional, and spiritual posture of praise. It is a humbling of ourselves in reverence, adoration, and thanks to God.”

“If we’ve experienced the goodness of God, if we’ve seen Him at work in our lives, in the lives of our friends, in the life of our church, how can we not bârak? How can we not fall to our knees in gratitude with our eyes fixed on Him?”
- Darren Whitehead (Pg. 76 - Holy Roar)
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