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The Cycle of Grace (Habakkuk 1)
Sermon Guide for May 26, 2019
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  • Covenant Baptist Church
    5440 SW 37th St, Topeka, KS 66614, USA
    Sunday 10:45 AM
Could it be that the very thing you see as wrong or bad is actually the very thing God is using to bring about truth and goodness in your life and in the world?
This is HORRIBLE! (Where are you God?)
These are those times when we look around and it feels like almost nothing is like it should be in our lives or even as we see the world around us.
We often respond to these “HORRIBLE” times by seeing the problem as something or someone else and we respond to the situation as if that were the case.
We almost always respond by way of complaint of how bad it is and cry out to God to come fix this horrible mess.
You are going to have to trust Me. (This will be hard to believe)
Habakkuk was not aware of the fact that what God considered to be the problem and what Habakkuk considered to be the problem were very different things.
It’s going to be really hard to make sense of it and understand how this can be God’s working for the good of His people so, trusting God to be entirely good is essential.
When we don’t understand what God is most concerned about we will have a very hard time understanding why God allows or causes the things to happen that he does.
In God’s Cycle of Grace the problem or focus is going to be the condition of our heart before Him and not the external difficulty we are experiencing.
God’s response to us can be so far from anything we would expect God to say or do that we don’t identify it or understand that it is actually God’s response to the complaint we have been making.
We tend to expect God to respond to things like we would if we were Him.
This isn’t fair! (I just don’t understand)
This is when we begin to sense God’s response or begin to see it unfold and it just doesn’t match up with what we think He should do or allow to be done.
Our response is usually “This isn’t fair!” or “I just don’t understand”.
Habakkuk’s understanding of the unrivaled sovereignty of God had reached its breaking point.
Any time we are unwilling to trust God – to rely on Him to care for us and do what is truly the best- we are saying with our actions that we think there’s a better way.
We easily forget God will never fail to do what is entirely good and truly best. That’s what Perfect Love does.
Learning to embrace hardship, problems and adversity as an opportunity to enter into the transforming Cycle of God’s Grace will completely change how you know and experience God in these times when we are desperate to find good.

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