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What Is A Mother To Do?
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Mothers give instructions!
Wipe your feet before you come into the house.
Brush your teeth before you go to bed.
Shut the door, you weren’t born in a barn.
Don’t drink out of the milk jug.
Close the refrigerator door.
Wash your face and behind your ears too!
Sit up! And stand up straight.
Say, “ Yes ma’am.”
Don’t hit your brother.
If you get a spanking at school, I’ll give you another one when you get home.
Put the seat down on the toilet.
Eat your vegetables.
Be home on time - don’t be late!
Have you done your homework?
Let’s eat!
Remember, your mother loves you!
Put on clean underwear.
Oh, one more, “Remember I love you!”

Mothers give instructions - verbally and through her example she sets for her children. Let’s look at some of the Biblical examples that mothers have shown that we can follow.
1. A mother should be a praying mother. (Hannah)

Because Hannah was barren she prayed diligently for a child. God heard her faithful prayer and granted her the desire of her heart, a son. Even though many have a hard time with what Hannah did with Samuel when he was finally weaned, she was faithful to give him back to the Lord because he was the gift that God gave her. She prayed and sought God with all her heart for guidance. Regardless of what Hannah did with her son, mothers can take this example and begin to pray for their children before they are born. Today, mothers can truly “give her children to the Lord” by dedicating them to the Lord for Him to watch over and instruct through the parents, for the Lord’s sake. When parents come to the church to dedicate their children to the Lord, they are saying that we want God to help us to raise their child that they would follow Him and be the man or woman of God that they were made to be. Sometimes the pastor will say, “To raise them in the admonition of the Lord,” which basically means to have them instructed through the principles of God’s Word as they are raised by their parents. Allow God to be their God as you dedicate them to the great Creator.

Mothers give your children to God in prayer! Not just when they are young but many of you here today are mothers of grown men and women; you should continue to pray for them and if they have families, for them as well. There is not a son or a daughter that doesn’t need their mother praying for them. You have heard that many a wayward child, as an adult, comes to the Lord through the prayers of their mother. Don’t give up, continue to be faithful in pray for those whom you brought into this world.
2. A mother should be a woman of faith and courage. (Jochebed) Exodus 2:1-10

Speaking of being courageous,

James Dobson tells the story of a mother who was sick in bed. She had the flu. And her little daughter wanted so much to be a good nurse. So she brought mom an extra pillow, and she brought her a magazine to read. And then she even showed up with a surprise cup of tea. And her mother took a sip of the tea, and she said, ''Wow! I didn't even know you knew how to make tea!'' And the girl said, ''Oh, yes. I learned by watching you. I put some water in the pot, and then I put the tea leaves in, and I boiled the water, and then I strained it into a cup. But I couldn't find the strainer, so I used the flyswatter instead.'' And her mother said, ''You what?!'' And the girl said, ''Oh, don't worry, mom. I didn't use the new flyswatter; I used the old one.''

The Word of God in Hebrews 11:23 says, “By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.”

What faith and courage it took to do what they did. Jocobed, we find her name in Exodus 6:20 and in Numbers 26:59, was a faithful and courageous mother who did what she thought the Lord wanted her to do to save her son. Moses was hidden from the Egyptians and his life was spared from the death of the Nile like the other children. But then, when he became so big she believed God would take care of him even if she placed him in a basket in the Nile River. It took courage to stand against what the Pharaoh wanted to do to preserve his life for God to use him in some way. Don’t you think that once Moses found out the whole story of how his mother protected him that He took heart at that kind of faith and courage?

Mothers, it takes faith and courage to raise children in this day. Thank you mothers, who have in the past, instructed your children in those two Godly characteristics of becoming children of God.

James Dobson said again, "There are few assignments in human experience that require the array of skills and wisdom needed by a Mom in fulfilling her everyday duties. She must be a resident psychologist, physician, theologian, educator, nurse, chef, taxi driver, fire marshal, and occasional police officer. And if she succeeds in each of these responsibilities, she gets to do it all again tomorrow."

I would like to add these two characteristics that will help accomplish these assignments: a mother needs faith and courage.

The story is told out of World War 2 and the holocaust that took the lives of millions of people. Solomon Rosenberg and his wife and their two sons and his mother and father were arrested and placed in a Nazi concentration camp. It was a labor camp, and the rules were simple. ''As long as you can do your work, you are permitted to live. When you become too weak to do your work, then you are exterminated.''

Rosenberg watched his mother and father marched off to their deaths and he knew that next would be his youngest son, David, because David had always been a frail child. Every evening Rosenberg came back into the barracks after his hours of labor and searched for the faces of his family. When he found them they would huddle together, embrace one another, and thank God. One day Rosenberg came back and didn't see those familiar faces. He finally discovered his oldest son, Joshua, in a corner, huddled, weeping, and praying.

He said, ''Josh, tell me it's not true.'' Joshua turned and said, ''It is true, poppa. Today David was not strong enough to do his work. So they came for him.'' ''But where is your mother?'' asked Mr. Rosenberg. ''Oh poppa,'' he said, ''When they came for David, he was afraid and he cried. Momma said, There is nothing to be afraid of, David,' and she took his hand and went with him.'' There is nothing to be afraid of. I'll go with you.''
3. A mother should be a woman of the Book. (Eunice and Lois) 2 Timothy 3:14-15

The Bible says that Timothy was taught the scriptures from his infancy by his mother and grandmother. Mothers and grandmothers, that is a great responsibility as you take these little ones into your care. If you want their lives to count for God, live Godly lives before them and then they need His Word! But first, mothers and grandmothers have to live the Word of God yourselves and then, never waver in making the teaching of the Word of God a priority in the lives of your children. There are many ways to do that: family devotions at home reading and memorizing the Bible together. Your children will likely be in the Word when they know you are in the Word and it is important to you.

We have teachers here that encourage your children and youth to go deeper into the Bible but you have to be there too to encourage them and make it a priority for them. Let me say, that if you leave the decision to the children, they will not choose it most likely because it is hard to do. With the opportunity to be involved with Bible Drill here at church, it takes almost as much commitment from moms and dads to get the children here and make sure they make it regularly as it does the children and youth to learn all that is taught. Make a commitment, stay with it and sacrifice your own pleasure for your children.

It is from the scriptures that we are wise for salvation through faith in Christ. Our children need to have a personal faith in Christ and it is a matter leading them.

There was a little boy that forgot his lines in a Sunday school presentation. His mother was in the front row to prompt him. She gestured and formed the words silently with her lips, but it did not help. Her son's memory was blank. Finally, she leaned forward and whispered the cue, ''I am the light of the world.'' The child beamed and with great feeling and a loud clear voice said, ''My mother is the light of the world.'' That is okay because she probably was the light of his world!
4. A mother should love her children no matter what - to the very end. (Mary) John 19:25-27

Jesus had been ridiculed, accused of blasphemy, and so many other things and He was beaten for them all and then put in chains. He was now humiliated by being taken to the cross outside of Jerusalem to Calvary to be placed on the criminals cross. Mary never forsook her Son, she showed undying love for Him. He was flesh of her flesh, bone of her bones; she would have done anything for Him. There had been times in her life that she would stop everything she did and just ponder over the things He did or just think about Him and all God had told her through the angel that day. She knew in the heart of her heart, He was going to have to die for the sins of mankind. Her love never wavered.

Be a mother that never gives up on her own children but even to the end love and do whatever it takes to show that love. Go that extra mile no matter what it takes.

Mary witnessed the crucifixion from the foot of the cross. Can you even imagine how she must’ve felt?

Jesus turns to John and says, take care of her, and looks at his mother and says, let him stand in my place as your son. John lived a very long life, and I believe he took care of Mary until she went to heaven.

Jesus is on the cross, bearing the weight of the sins of the whole world on His shoulders, yet He sees to it to make sure His mother is taken care of after He is gone! As God, Jesus is dealing w/ eternal matters, but as a man, He’s showing all of us how important it is to take care and love our mothers!
Let me speak to all our adults today who still have their parents. There are things that I know that get in the way of taking care of or being there for your older parents. But there was a letter that was received from an older mother at the Focus on the Family radio program and was read to the audience by Dr. James Dobson some years back. It was written by an 80 year old woman on her birthday.

To all my children:
I suppose my upcoming birthday started my thoughts along these lines...This is a good time to tell you that what I truly want are things I can never get enough of, yet they are free. I want the intangibles.

I would like for you to come and sit with me, and for you to be relaxed. We can talk, or we can be silent. I would just like for us to be together.

I need your patience when I don’t hear what you say the first time. I know how tiresome it is to always be repeating, but sometimes I must ask you to repeat. I need your patience when I think too much about the past, with my slowness and my set ways. I want you to be tolerant with what the years have done to me physically. Please be understanding about my personal care habits. I spill things. I lose things. I get unduly excited when I try to figure out my bank statements. I can’t remember what time to take my medication, or if I took it already. I take too many naps. Sometimes sleep helps to pass the day.

Well, there you have it: Time, Patience, and Understanding. Those are priceless gifts that I want. Finally, in his letter, the Apostle Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” I know I can, too! It’s a wonderful feeling to know His eye is on the sparrow and I know He cares for me. I guess being old isn’t so bad after all!


Please don’t forget those who have sacrificed so much for you over the years, don’t unintentionally or intentionally ignore them or just forget their needs. Show love to them even if it hard to do, they loved you when it was hard to do and gave you their best.
Let me close with this.

Be a mother that lives and teaches life lessons. Pray and teach your children to pray. Have faith and courage when times are tough. I remember when Connie Ehrlich told the story of coming to the very end of their money and having no milk for Paul, when he was a little one. They prayed and trusted God for their need and then the provisions came from God out of the blue. They taught Paul to trust God too. Then a mother needs to have a love for the Word of God and teach the children to love it too and live by it. Love your children unconditionally and to the very end of your life let them know of that love you have that never fails them.

What kind of invitation shall I give today?
First, without question we would call for all mothers to recommit their lives to the Lord and also to their ministry as a mother. Seek God for the strength, faith and courage to continue everyday to be the best Godly mother you know how to be.

Second, I call all husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her. No matter what it takes, go the second and third and as far as it takes to make her know you love her, respect her and care for her. Honor her in what she does for the family.

Third, children, young and old, whose mother is still with you respect and honor her daily. Ask for forgiveness for the times you have not shown those actions in your life toward her. Thank her personally for who she is and then thank the Lord for her in your prayers.

Fourth, the Lord has clearly reminded us of His love for us today. If you have not received that love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, today is a good day to surrender your life to Him and become a Christian. God calls us to repent of our sins turning away from them and turning toward Jesus who died on the cross for our sin and was buried and then rose again from the dead to give us eternal life. Jesus calls us to Himself that our lives might be changed, He calls that being born again! Today come to be born again through the Spirit of God.