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I Am the Good Shepherd: God Will Unconditionally Love You
A. The sheep and the shepherd...
1. The sheep are mentioned over 500 times in the Bible. In fact, sheep are the most mentioned animal in the Bible.
2. Abel was the first shepherd and David the most-recognized shepherd.
3. Sheep are vulnerable and totally dependent on the shepherd.
a. Sheep are dumb! Not considered in the smartest category of animals
b. Sheep are directionless! Prone to wander and are then lost
c. Sheep are defenseless! They are not really equipped for fight, flight, or intimidation!
4. The shepherd guides, leads, protects, defends, and gives his very life for his sheep.
B. Jesus is the Good Shepherd...
1. The word “good” is known as noble, wholesome, or beautiful. So, in declaring Himself “good,” He is referring to His goodness, His righteousness, and His beauty.
"I am the Good Shepherd"
2. As the Good Shepherd, He sacrifices His life for the sheep.
3. The Good Shepherd calls His sheep by name.
2. The sheep follow the Shepherd.
4. The Good Shepherd gathers His sheep together.
5. The Good Shepherd leads them.
6. The Good Shepherd protects and provides for the sheep.
2. The sheep follow the Shepherd.
3. The sheep won't follow a stranger.
4. The sheep enjoy all the benefits that the Shepherd provides.
1. There is only one way to be one of His sheep...through Jesus!
2. The safest place for a sheep is close to the Shepherd.
3. The only way to avoid danger is to learn to listen to the voice of the Shepherd.
4. As a sheep, I can't survive alone or without the Shepherd.
5. Although gathering is a natural response and defense, it is only safe when I am listening to the Shepherd.
6. When I follow the Shepherd, I enjoy all that the Shepherd can possibly offer.
7. Nothing catches the Shepherd off guard, as nothing comes to me that hasn't gone through the Shepherd.

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