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UnStuck: Listening Well & Feeling Heard
Interim Senior Pastor Neal Nybo
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"Houston, we have a problem."

These are unforgettable words from a heroic story. We now use them to mean any kind of big problem. Here is the video clip from the movie that made them famous.
1. "Let me see if I got it."
"Let me see if I got it" is a set of questions we ask during an important conversation. This provides us, as listeners, with a concrete task to accomplish in conversations. Once the speaker has said what he or she wants to say, listeners ask to see if they properly and fully understood. The listener does this by repeating back to the speaker what was heard.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. How can you tell someone cares about what you are talking about?
2. What emotions come to mind when you think about being really heard and understood?
3. Can you imagine a situation or person where it would be helpful to have a simple skill that demonstrates you are listening carefully and understand what they are saying?
2. “Did I get it?”
By asking “did I get it” we make it clear that we are sincerely interested in hearing and understanding the other person. If the speaker says the listener did not get it right, the listener invites the speaker to repeat the message and goes through the process again until the speaker is able to say, “Yes, you got it.”
3. “Is there more?”
Instead of offering our opinion or disagreeing or challenging the speaker, we simply ask: “Is there more?” And, we go back through the first two steps.
4. “Let me see if I got it all?”
This is the final and amazing part. Without repeating everything, the listener summarizes what they have heard. How good would we feel if someone gave us their undivided attention and really listened to us so they could repeat back to us everything we said about something important to us, even when it might be something they disagree with or are challenged by?

This process truly helps us get unstuck. And, it is a practical working out of what the Bible teaches about interactions and relationships.
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. How does the "Let me see if I got it" process help us rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn and "as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."
Personal Reflection/Growth Group Questions:
1. How does listening with respect demonstrate love?

Full gratitude experiment video

Pastor Neal showed a clip of people calling others they cared about. Here is the entire video.

A fun and unique way to participate in missions is to visit the ministry tables after service and purchase paper bead jewelry handmade from the women in Wanyanga, Uganda. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the jewelry sales goes back to the women to buy food and clothing for their children. The women of Uganda thank the members and friends of StoneBridge for your support and continued prayers.

Has serving in Haiti with StoneBridge sparked your interest? Currently, plans are in development for a team to serve in Haiti during the 2nd week in August. Three aspects of this trip will be… - serving in the medical clinic - light construction - working with our church’s sponsored orphans If interested, you’re invited to attend an informational meeting on Tuesday, May 21 at 7pm in The Fireside Room. Please RSVP by contacting the church office at 805-526-5475.

Sign up for Serve Day

Opportunities include:• Ashlee Manor - helping out with housekeeping, grocery give-away, painting class, and serving lunch• Tradewinds Mobile park - yard clean-up, odd jobs• Samaritan Center - painting, yard work• Letter writing to the troops  and putting together homeless kits at StoneBridge (good for those with children or limited mobility)• For the Troops donation drive (ongoing May 11-26) - looking for socks, chapstick, gently used books and magazines, dried fruit, jerky (no pork), nuts, Q-tips, and candyHave questions or need more information? Contact Carol Webb at 805-578-3516

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