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5.5.2019 | Third & Goal
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This Week's Bulletin
May 5, 2019

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.

9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donuts
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service
3:00 pm ~ Worship Practice

6:30 pm ~ WOP Bible Study

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT

6:00 pm ~ Ladies & Girl’s Tea

Women of Purpose - Save The Dates
Our Women of Purpose ministries will be having a ladies & Girls Tea on Friday, May 10 at 6:00 p.m. Please see today’s insert for the invite! Hope to see you there.
~ The ladies will host a baby sprinkle for Taylor (Bender) Jati in the church fellowship hall on Sat. June 8, from 11:00-1:00 for those who would like to attend. There is a sign up sheet on the ladies table in the upper foyer.
~ Summer refresher will be held at Diane Crumrine’s home on Fri. July 12. (More information will be coming).
~ Summer Book Club Discussion and Dinner (Mercy’s Rain) will be held at Diane D’Agostino’s home on Fri. Aug 9. (More information will be coming)
Girls' Ministry News
In addition to our upcoming Girl’s Ministries Crowning on Sun. June 2, 2019, some of our girls will be attending the annual Girls Ministries Retreat in Carlisle June 13-15. We will have approximately 8 girls and 4 leaders who will attend. The cost to attend is $130.00 per person. To help off-set the costs, we would like to do as much as we can to raise funds for this retreat. As you can see, it will take about $1600 to cover this event. We are asking for your help with the following:

~ On Sun. May 19, we are going to borrow an idea from the youth group and have a spaghetti lunch/dinner following our church service. The reason for the spaghetti lunch is that it consistently has been the best of all our fundraisers. We need you! Please bring your appetite and join us for lunch! We have asked our Emerge Youth Group to help our Girls Ministries on this day. 'Thank you' teens for being an example to others and for your willingness to help the girls with this luncheon! Again, donations of pasta noodles, sauce, bread, lettuce, grape tomatoes, etc. (all will be outlined on the sign-up sheet). We will be honoring our graduates during the morning service this day as well. Please come out and support our graduates and our girls!
~ As always, monetary donations (marked for Girls Ministries Retreat) are always welcome! If you would like to 'adopt' a girl, that would be great as well. If you choose to adopt-a-girl or a sponsor, please let Pastor Jeff or Anna know.

Thank you for helping our girls attend Girls Ministries Retreat! Signs of an active and alive church . . . Jesus is worshiped! People are open and genuine! Programs that are mission-centric! Biblical preaching! Serve! Our kids are the next generation! Thank you for helping them!
Graduation Service
Can you believe that we are planning our graduation service already? It’s 2 weeks away. Plan to be a part of this service on Sunday, May 19. Come and support our young people as they take the next step in God’s plan for their lives!
Our graduates:
~ Noah Cleck
~ Katlynn Havens
~ Dasyn Edwards
~ Chris Jones

Online Giving
In the age of smart phones, websites, social media and electronic banking, our church wants to be sure that we are exploring every technology that will ultimately benefit the work of God here in Dover Assembly. We have partnered with the company and put a link on our website and phone app that will permit online giving.
Easter Offering & Beyond
Thanks to your generosity and praise to our great God, we raised $2240.00 towards the purchase of our sanctuary chairs! We have received additional gifts since Easter which brings our total raised to $6487.00. PTL! We need $2890.00 additional to order the chairs.
Special Thanks!
To Sheila Reed for her dedication to teaching our 3rd & 4th grades over the years. Sheila is taking a break at this time. Thank you Sheila!
Parking Lot Loan
Just an update on our loan to repair the parking lot and parsonage roof. The original amount of the loan was $50,000, but thanks to your continued faithfulness and a generous matching donation, our current balance after less than 2 years is now $30,042.
May 6 ~ Deacon Board Meeting
May 10 ~ Women’s Tea
May 12 ~ Mother’s Day
May 14 ~ Dover Township Meeting
May 18 ~ Kids “Fun Arts”
May 19 ~ Graduation Service
June 2 ~ Girl’s Ministry Crowning
June 6 ~ Men’s Dinner
June 8 ~ Taylor Jati Baby Sprinkle
June 13-15 ~ Girls Ministry Retreat
June 16 ~ Father’s Day
July 12 ~ Women’s Summer Refresher
July 13 ~ Men’s Breakfast
Aug 4-7 ~ VBS
Aug 9 ~ Women’s Summer Book Club Dinner
Sept 1-8 ~ Dover Fireman’s Fair
Sept 15 ~ “Invite Your One” Day
Sept 17 ~ “Fearless” Youth Event
Aug 9 ~ Women’s Book Club Dinner
Oct 5 ~ Dover Parade

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May 5, 2019 - Pastor Keith Miller

It was one of the best football games ever -- Super Bowl XXXIV between the Rams and Titans! In the final seconds Tennessee was driving for the game-tying touchdown and on the final play Kevin Dyson caught a pass over the middle and lunged for the goal line. He was tackled just short of the goal line in fact he missed scoring a touchdown by one yard, three feet. So close and yet so far! He missed it by about the same distance between the raised hands of a referee signaling a touchdown.

Here was someone who was focused, on target to win, and yet at the last minute was knocked off course. We think of this and shake our heads, and think how close! He almost had it. And it makes me wonder how many times has God felt the same way about us?
Our confessions determine our reality - it begins with salvation and carries through with everything. God never changes.

Based on what? - For anything you need or have to ask of God, this question must always be asked first.

It has to be based on the Word. But what is the Word?
Grace = unmerited favor

Truth - Truth about what? About your situation.
Question: Who do we believe? God or the world? How do we know?
If God is truth and says that He meets your needs and that He is your healer, and yet you are broke and miserable, why is that?

Which truth is real? The one that says you’re prosperous and well or the one that says you aren’t? They can’t both be right, because they cannot both be truth. Yet you can have one or the other.
God asks us this same question today - Serve, follow and obey the Word (Jesus) or follow the god of this world. It is always one or the other. If it were not so, who else would you be serving?
You may say that it’s hard to walk in the Word and to not pay attention to the world’s lies.

How do you know the will of God? First we need a mind check
We renew our minds with the Word. And who is the Word?
Notice the “Ands”. Means it goes hand in hand, one with the other. Not an either / or.
Amen means so be it - when we agree with God’s Word (Jesus) concerning anything (meaning we believe it and receive it) God gets glory. He is the Yes, we’re the Amen - He already paid for it, we receive it and praise Him, He gets glory.

It’s not about denial or wishful thinking. It’s about confessing Christ into the situation. He even gave us the example to follow - When He was tempted in the wilderness, He resisted by quoting the Word.

He read His contract back to the landlord (god of this world) stating He did not have to do what he was being tempted with, because he understood his contract (the Word)
God gave us this example in the beginning:

Genesis 1 - “and God said…” - God used words to create everything, and He did it through faith in Jesus. He believed and did not doubt.
But what is really in our Heart determines what we receive. If we do not really believe it we limit what God can do.

Football Patterns and Timing. If you are waiting to see it before you say you have it, you will never receive because you’re operating in hope, not faith.

Faith always sees the unseen.
This means you confess you’re healing before the Doctor says it, you confess your prosperity before the bank says it.

Again, you prove your faith by your words.
It may be that instead of us waiting on God, it’s God waiting on us. Where is our faith?
It wasn’t God’s will that limited Jesus’ work (it’s God’s will that none should perish)- it was the people’s lack of faith.

How do we get that faith?
I believe we are living in the last of the last days. To go back to our football analogy, we’re in the final seconds of the big game. It’s third and goal, no timeouts remaining. The ball has been snapped, the quarterback has identified his receiver and has already thrown the ball - now everything depends on the receiver. What are you going to do?

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