H2O Church
Creed, part 12
This is the last talk in this series. In this talk, we pick up where we left off, after the atonement, after the resurrected, Jesus ascended to heaven and poured out His Holy Spirit...
Locations & Times
  • H2O Church
    100 S Eola Dr, Orlando, FL 32801, USA
    星期日 8:00 早上
The Ascension of Jesus

1. The Ascension is the coronation of Jesus as King.
2. As King, His first move is to give us the Holy Spirit.
3. His Holy Spirit--the Spirit of Jesus--implies we DON'T have what it takes. It's as if Jesus rips open His chest and puts His heart inside of us.
4. Let us be CLEAR: Jesus gave His Spirit to His people in order to accomplish His mission.

Can you imagine yourself being a joyful person, full of gratitude?
Spontaneous acts of love? Unashamed to talk about Jesus, saying no to sin?

Have you learned in your heart that you can’t follow Jesus in your own power? Have you learned to daily surrender to the Holy Spirit?