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4.28.2019 | Worship - Week 4 - God's Word
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This Week's Bulletin
April 28, 2019

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.

9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donuts
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service
3:00 pm ~ Worship Practice

6:30 pm ~ WOP Bible Study

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT

8:00 am ~ Men’s Breakfast-83 Diner

Wednesday Adult Small Group
We have begun out new study using the book by Lee Strobel “The Case for Faith”. We will study the toughest objections to the faith. Subjects include: Why is there Evil & Suffering?, Does Science Contradict the Bible? Is Jesus the Only Way? This class is designed to deepen our convictions and give us fresh confidence in discussing Christianity with others.
Men's Breakfast
Join the guys as we go to 83 Diner on Saturday, May 4. Be there at 8:00 am for a great time of fellowship and food. Invite along a friend and sign up in the lower foyer!
Girls' Ministry News
In addition to our upcoming Girl’s Ministries Crowning on Sun. June 2, 2019, some of our girls will be attending the annual Girls Ministries Retreat in Carlisle June 13-15. We will have approximately 8 girls and 4 leaders who will attend. The cost to attend is $130.00 per person. To help off-set the costs, we would like to do as much as we can to raise funds for this retreat. As you can see, it will take about $1600 to cover this event. We are asking for your help with the following:

~ On Sun. May 5, we will have a Hot Dog “Grab & Go” as you exit church. This is a great way to quickly feed the hungry family! Prices are: Hot Dogs $2.00 Soda $1.00 Chips $1.00.If you are able to donate any of these items, it would be appreciated. It helps to keep our cost down!

~ On Sun. May 19, we are going to borrow an idea from the youth group and have a spaghetti lunch/dinner following our church service. The reason for the spaghetti lunch is that it consistently has been the best of all our fundraisers. We need you! Please bring your appetite and join us for lunch! We have asked our Emerge Youth Group to help our Girls Ministries on this day. 'Thank you' teens for being an example to others and for your willingness to help the girls with this luncheon! Again, donations of pasta noodles, sauce, bread, lettuce, grape tomatoes, etc. (all will be outlined on the sign-up sheet). We will be honoring our graduates during the morning service this day as well. Please come out and support our graduates and our girls!

~ As always, monetary donations (marked for Girls Ministries Retreat) are always welcome! If you would like to 'adopt' a girl, that would be great as well. If you choose to adopt-a-girl or a sponsor, please let Pastor Jeff or Anna know.

Thank you for helping our girls attend Girls Ministries Retreat! Signs of an active and alive church . . . Jesus is worshiped! People are open and genuine! Programs that are mission-centric! Biblical preaching! Serve! Our kids are the next generation! Thank you for helping them!
Graduation Service
Can you believe that we are planning our graduation service already? It’s less than one month away. Plan to be a part of this service on Sunday, May 19. Come and support our young people as they take the next step in God’s plan for their lives!
Our graduates:
~ Noah Cleck
~ Katlynn Havens
~ Dasyn Edwards
~ Chris Jones
Women of Purpose Save-the-Date Events
~ Our Women of Purpose ministries will be having a ladies & Girls Tea on Friday, May 10 at 6:00 p.m. Please see today’s insert for the invite! Hope to see you there.

~ The ladies will host a baby sprinkle for Taylor (Bender) Jati in the church fellowship hall on Sat. June 8, from 11:00-1:00 for those who would like to attend. There is a sign up sheet on the ladies table in the upper foyer.
Summer refresher will be held at Diane Crumrine’s home on Fri. July 12. (More information will be coming).

~ Summer Book Club Discussion and Dinner (Mercy’s Rain) will be held at Diane D’Agostino’s home on Fri. Aug 9. (More information will be coming)

We had a great response to our request for VBS help. Thanks to all who volunteered to be a part of this tremendous outreach. TODAY, immediately following the worship service we will have a meeting approximately for about 15 minutes in the downstairs fellowship hall.
Online Giving
In the age of smart phones, websites, social media and electronic banking, our church wants to be sure that we are exploring every technology that will ultimately benefit the work of God here in Dover Assembly. We have partnered with the company and put a link on our website and phone app that will permit online giving.
Easter Offering
Thanks to your generosity and praise to our great God, we raised $2140.00 towards the purchase of our sanctuary chairs! That brings our total raised to $6387.00. PTL! We need $2990.00 additional to order the chairs.
Administrative Assistants Day
Wed. April 24 was administrative assistants day and we would like to acknowledge those who do so much behind the scenes to keep the church running.

Angel Landis, Paul Jones,Diane & Mark Crumrine, Anna Bender, Brad Caldwell
May 4 ~ Men’s Breakfast
May 6 ~ Deacon Board Meeting
May 10 ~ Women’s Tea
May 12 ~ Mother’s Day
May 14 ~ Dover Township Meeting
May 18 ~ Kids “Fun Arts”
May 19 ~ Graduation Service
June 2 ~ Girl’s Ministry Crowning
June 6 ~ Men’s Dinner
June 8 ~ Taylor Jati Baby Sprinkle
June 13-15 ~ Girls Ministry Retreat
June 16 ~ Father’s Day
July 12 ~ Women’s Summer Refresher
July 13 ~ Men’s Breakfast
Aug 4-7 ~ VBS
Aug 9 ~ Women’s Summer Book Club Dinner
Sept 1-8 ~ Dover Fireman’s Fair
Sept 15 ~ “Invite Your One” Day
Sept 17 ~ “Fearless” Youth Event
Aug 9 ~ Women’s Book Club Dinner
Oct 5 ~ Dover Parade
May 7 ~ Jeremy Wise
May 9 ~ Nicole Kholod
May 9 ~ Tom Miller
May 10 ~ Jeff Kress
May 13 ~ Cora Miller
May 18 ~ Makenna Wible
May 28 ~ Todd Blanchard
May 28 ~ Damien Reed
May 29 ~ Judy Landis
May 31 ~ Samantha Eaton
May 2 ~ Pastor Jeff & Anna
May 6 ~ Chris & Michelle Doan
May 23 ~ Bill & Naomi Gelsinger
May 28 ~ Dustin & Jamie Wible
May 30 ~ Rev. Luis & Edith Nunez

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This is our fourth lesson in our series on Worship.

So far we have talked about the necessity of worship--How God requires us to take time to worship Him for who he is.
Then we talked about worshipping God through music . . .
The just being in God’s presence should elicit worship from us.

Remember our definition:

When we come into God’s house, we know He is here and that alone should put us in an attitude of worship. Regardless if we “sense” him or not.

Then we talked about worship having to cost something. Worship isn’t only music it is every part of our lives and our acts of worship should be with a cost.
Now we'll look at another aspect of worship--that being our reverence and study of God’s word.
Why does David tell us to sing praises and worship? Because of God’s word.

When Jesus was praying for his disciples in John 17, he says this . . .
And going back to one of our original verses . . .
When we worship, we need to know and understand God’s word.

How else could we worship if we don’t understand what God says about it.

We talked about worshiping in spirit, meaning with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

But to worship in truth demands that we have a reverence for God’s word and a desire to study it.

Each of us has a relationship with Christ because somewhere, somehow God’s word spoke to you.

You know the story of Nehemiah. He was sent back to Jerusalem after their captivity to rebuild the gates in the wall around the city.
They get the walls completed and here’s what happened next.
When the people realized the importance of God’s word, their response was to worship God.

To them (and to us) listening to God’s word in itself is an act of worship. And when we hear it, it should also provoke an emotional response of worship.

That’s part of worshiping in spirit and in truth.

Now, we don’t worship the Bible, but the Bible should cause us to worship.

When we read of God’s truth and we read something that applies to our lives at that moment, our reaction should be one of worship.
When we study and find some nugget of truth that lifts us up, or relieves some stress or anxiety, we should want to worship God.
When we read about how sinful we really are, and how much God has forgiven us, we should worship.
How can we worship in truth if we don’t know what truth is?
You cannot have true worship if you do not know truth.

Charismatics and Pentecostals need to be careful that we don’t let the worshiping in spirit side overwhelm the worshiping in truth side.

There is a saying:
All spirit, we blow up, all word and we dry up, but a good combination of both, we grow up.

God’s word also helps us in times when we don’t feel like worshiping.
God’s word is not just about ancient history. It’s not just about how they did it then, or even how we did it 100 years ago or so.

We study it as such and learn from it, but we have to know that it’s not a dusty old history book for what happened back then.
That means our worship today might be different in style than years ago, but it still is effective when we do it according to God’s word.

The true measuring rod for our worship should not be traditions, culture or experiences. The measuring rod for worship should always be God’s word.

It is possible to have a very exuberant emotional time of worship and for that type to go on for years.

It may have started out as a Bible based act of worship. Raising hands, shouting etc.

They do it because they know that God’s word has instances of all those.

All of that type were used in various forms of worship in the Bible. But over time, and generations, it can become a tradition. We do it because we’ve always done it. But you don’t know why you do it.

And when you do things without knowing why you do them, you have lost all meaning behind them.

That is why it is vital that each believer have a full understanding from God’s word about how, why and when we worship.

When we raise hands, we know it is an act of surrender to God. God I surrender, I’m yours.
When we bow, we recognize our glorious God is compared to us.
When we kneel before God, we do it because we know how great He is.
When we clap, we show our excitement about who God is and what he means to us.
When we truly worship in spirit (excitement, emotion and our whole being) and in truth (all done in accordance with how God said we should worship) God shows up!

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