Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church
April 28, 2019 Sunday Worship Service
“It's Not My Party” 1 John 3:2 ~ Pastor David Olson
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Welcome to Abiding Savior!
We pray you feel at home during your time with us. We are passionate about people coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and then grow deeper as a follower of Christ.

We are a Christ centered community, whose heart is to be a place where individuals are knowing Jesus Christ, growing in Christ, and going out into the world with Christ, in order that lives would be transformed by the gospel and God would be glorified.


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1. Read Jeremiah 17:9. How do you see yourself in light of this verse? How does it make a difference in how you view and treat other people?

2. How has “The Fall,” described in Genesis 3:17-19, changed the world and your life? What things or occurrences do you observe in our world that relate directly back to this pivotal event?

3. Romans 5:12-17 speaks of death coming to all of us as a result of sin. What is your view of death? Do you fear death? How have the trials of life changed your view of death? How do these verses give you hope in overcoming death?

4. Our fallen nature is egocentric (another way of saying that “the world revolves around me”). As Christians trusting in Jesus Christ, we are a “new creation,” (read 2 Corinthians 5:17). Living with the reality of a fallen nature, yet being a “new creation” creates tension. How do you navigate life amidst these two conflicting natures?

5. What are some questions you have about life that you would like God to answer? Which view of the world (e.g. see below) best helps you in dealing with the struggles you face? Which one do you use most often when facing troubling circumstances?
a) Pretend you have no struggles c) Accept God reigns over all
b) Declare all is meaningless d) Another view (fill in your description)

Each one of us is at a different place in life with unique situations, opportunities, and problems before us. When you are confronted with choices of what to think and how to live, how does the idea that “It’s Not My Party” / “It’s Not All About Me” effect the questions you might ask?

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