Living Waters Church Kyabram
Living Waters Church Kyabram Sunday 30th March 2019
Saturday Morning.
Locations & Times
  • Living Waters Church Kyabram
    60 Allan St, Kyabram VIC 3620, Australia
    Sunday 10:00 AM
The encounter that changed this man's life
Life Group Questions
Sunday 31th of March 2019
Every Place – Mercy
Read John 5:1-15
Bethesda means House of Mercy. When you hear the phrase House of Mercy, what do you think of? What would a House of Mercy look like?
What was the condition of this man? What is the condition of mankind?
Read and discuss Romans 3:22-26
How can we help people find mercy?
Discuss Jesus’ heart toward and dealings with the two blind men in Matthew 20:30-34. How can we do likewise?
Jesus asked the man at the pool of Bethesda, Do you want to get well? What are the questions that God asks mankind today? Discuss how we should respond to them.