Sunday Mar 31, 2019
Locations & Times
  • The Roads Church - NC
    583 US-45, Norris City, IL 62869, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
  • eRoads Family
    Sunday 10:30 AM
  • The Roads - Mt. Carmel
    2200 College Dr, Mt Carmel, IL 62863, USA
    Sunday 5:30 PM
Evangelist - euangelistes - euggelizo - To announce good news; a messenger of “good”, well-being
Fire - Beneficial and Destructive

Destructive - Heat of a fire can destroy or consume something

Benefits of fire:
Light - Provides light for direction
Heat - Stay warm in the cold or serves as a purifier to add value
Types of Fires:

1) Controlled or Contained Fires
2) Wildfires - A sweeping and destructive fire especially in a wilderness or a rural area.
3 components to Wild fires - “Fire Triangle”

1) Heat Source - Sun, lightening, match
2) Fuel - Grasses, Trees, leaves, debris, etc.
3) Oxygen - Through wind more oxygen is supplied and may help spread the flames.
Baptize - baptizo - To immerse, to dip in completely or under; overwhelm or flood

Repentance - metanoia - To change one’s way of life as a result of a complete change of thought and attitude.
meta - In the middle of
noeo - To direct one’s mind to; to think or reason
1) You (Fuel) - We are the burning ones
2) Holy Spirit (Oxygen) - pneuma - Current of air; breath, wind, spirit

- Wind helps transport and spread the flames
- Blows on the embers to light them back up
3) Fire (Heat Source) - pyr - Fire in its forms and uses; e.g., for lighting and heating.

God wants to immerse you in the Fire of the Holy Spirit so that you can have light for yourselves and others to see the way out when surrounded by darkness!
Fire (Heat Source) - pyr - Fire in its forms and uses; e.g., for lighting and heating.

Fire of the Holy Spirit adds value to our lives by exposing the junk that needs to be removed that is decreasing our value.
Jennifer K. Balch, a professor of geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder who has studied the human causes of wildfires said, “We almost forget it, but wherever people go we bring fire with us.”

- Which fire are you bringing with you? Beneficial or Destructive?

- Will you allow Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire?

- He wants to give you LIGHT for DIRECTION and HEAT to ADD VALUE!

- Will you use your fire to provide DIRECTION AND VALUE to others?

- You are a fire starter, you are an initiator, you are an ignitor! Go start a fire!