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The Whole Gospel Pt VI - Declaring Good News! (Romans 1:16-17 & 10:13-15) (2)
Sermon Guide for March 9, 2019
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The Gospel can be described as:The life giving news that the kingdom of God has come to us in Jesus Christ, The Son of God. Now, real life with God, overflowing with all that is true, good and beautiful is available in His kingdom here, now and forever, to everyone willing to trust and obey Jesus. One day, Jesus will return to rule and reign forever over an entirely new universe free from any remnant of sin or death.
To those not yet in the kingdom of God?
The only way others will come to the knowledge of the gospel is if those who have already heard and believed the gospel will declare it to them.
The gospel not only declares ultimate salvation beyond physical death as a certain hope but it also declares salvation as a present reality, hope and pathway out of the darkness and lost-ness of our lives here and now.
If we are going to experience the present, immediate rescuing and redemption of our lives here and now – the gospel must be declared to us in community.
“The heart of the churches life together is funded by the proclamation of the gospel.” David Fitch.
What does it mean to declare the gospel?
● To the Church:
To passionately encourage and call one another forward in doing life with God His kingdom by submission and obedience to the gracious, loving rule of Jesus.

● To those not yet in the Kingdom of God:
To clearly announce the Good News that in Jesus Christ, real and truly abundant life is now available to anyone willing to submit and entrust themselves to Jesus as Lord.
How do we declare the gospel?
We declare the gospel through our presence and our proclamation.
Our presence speaks to how we relate to those we wish to make the gospel known to.
How we are present with people will determine how effective our proclamation to them is.
If we follow the example of Jesus, declaring the Gospel is best done when we know and empathize with the life situation of those with whom we hope to share the gospel.
Being present in an empathetic, caring way allows us to be with them in their lives in such a way that they first experience the gospel in the way we are present with them.
Jesus came to be with us in this very way, to let us know He knows what life from our perspective of pain and brokenness is like.
Our being truly present with people in this way can be the very thing that inspires and motivates us to declare the gospel.
Soul Training Exercise.
Let’s determine to become a gospel declaring community of Jesus followers. In order for that to become a reality we have to take the first step of learning to being present with others. This week let’s spend time asking God to lead each of us to someone who needs us to climb down into the hole with them and be present with them in their situation. Pay attention throughout your day for God to respond to this prayer. Ask him to make you aware of these opportunities. When you do find that person you will have to be very intentional to be present with them in this way because it is new to many of us. Some things that will help are:

● Slow down and make sure you have margins in your life. That amounts to making sure you have the time to be present with others. Time is important and if your schedule is jammed full from beginning to end, being present with others becomes impossible. What can you eliminate from your day to create more margins?
● Ask questions. Even the overused question of “How are you doing?” can lead to an opportunity to be present with others. We have to resist the temptation to make our story being heard more important than hearing theirs.
● Listen actively. When we are attentive to another person we listen to more than just what they say. We learn to listen to how they say it as well as what they don’t say. When we hear someone say “I’m fine” but their face and everything else says they aren’t fine, it’s a great opportunity to be present with them by saying something like “Are you sure? It looks like something is on your mind. “Also pay attention to strong words like “afraid”, “mad”, “alone”, “lost” etc.… You can follow up on words like this with a simple statement like, “You said you were afraid a couple times just now. Can you tell me more about that?”
● Give voice to what you experience and what you see. “This feels like a really heavy load you are carrying” or “You sound like you are really upset about what happened” or “It looks like all this is having a pretty big impact”.

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