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Sunday March 10, 2019
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* A Biblical definition of Sabbath
* Jesus and the Sabbath
* Is the Sabbath for today?
* The Dangers of not Resting
* Some Practical ways to Sabbath/Rest
* Two Mom stories
“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy"
Exodus 20:8
The Dangers of not Resting

1. Our bodies physically wear down.

2. Our minds emotionally wear down – stress!

3. It’s harder to love people because when we’re absent, tired, and stressed out we can’t love like God designed us to love.

4. We start to develop a feeling of God being far away

5. We have thoughts of doubt seep into our mind

6. We begin to develop a diminishing (or non-existent) prayer life

7. We have trouble opening and reading our Bible

8. We becom less and less concerned for the things of God and more and more drawn to the things of the world

9. We struggle with community because community takes time.

10. Our families suffer.

11. Identity crisis: When our identity is in our work or being busy or anything besides Jesus we lose our way.
Practical ways to Rest

1. Get away and get alone with God.

2. Throw away our “to do” lists for a least a day.

3. Turn off our cell phones for a day or have a NO PHONE ZONE for an hour or two or during critical family times.

4. Take a fast from social media for a day – or a week or a month or forever!

“I don’t need to know everything about everyone and I’m really not that important.”

5. Know yourself: When it comes to you what works best in finding rest in Jesus?

6. We need to resist Sabbath as only “disengagement.”

7. Feasting with Others