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The word “disciple” occurs in the New Testament 269 times. Dallas Willard says, “the disciple of Jesus is not the deluxe or heavy-duty model of the Christian - especially padded, textured, streamlined, and empowered for the fast lane on the straight and narrow way. He stands on the pages of the New Testament as the first level of basic transportation in the Kingdom of God.”

Being a disciple and disciple maker is a calling we all need to heed. Right now some are ready to be a disciple maker because they are a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ that can pass on what they know to others. Others of us are in need to become better disciples and therefore need to be discipled by another. That is what we are talking about today.We are going to look at “The Titus Principle.”
In my mind, The Titus Principle is to teach the sound doctrines of the Word of God to the people of God using the preacher AND men and women of God who are disciples of Jesus and will teach those who are either younger or less experienced in the Lord. Our purpose today is: To establish that you who are older and more wise in the Lord and as a disciple are to help those who are younger or less wise or knowledgeable in the Lord to understand and live out the principles and sound doctrine of the scriptures. This is primarily done men to men and women to women. The preacher is to, in every way possible, along with other ministers of the Gospel of Christ, use their knowledge and skills, with the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to lead the church in not just understanding primary doctrines of the Lord but to live them out daily in our lives seeking to make disciples of all the congregation. Using these scriptures today from Titus we hope that we all can see if we are those who: 1) can teach and lead others to know and to put into practice in our daily lives,the principles learned, or 2) need someone to mentor us to understand more of the things of God and how they apply and are lived out in our lives every day.
In this book, Paul is instructing Titus to watch out for the Judaizers who were teaching not only a false doctrine, but also were leading lives that were unholy; Titus was to act directly opposite; he must teach a sacred doctrine, and the things which become it; he must proclaim the truth, and illustrate that truth. The people must not only be well instructed, but they must be holy in their lives. Principle and practice must go hand in hand. (Adam Clarke)

Titus is told to teach older men and women “what is in accord with sound doctrine.” In chapter 1:1-3 we hear some of that sound doctrine,
Sound doctrine:
-The hope of eternal life
-God does not lie
-Eternal life was promised from the very beginning to humans
-The truth of eternal life has become public
-God is our Savior
In the first few verses of chapter one we see some of the (sound) doctrines Paul talks about. There are so many doctrines that we need to learn that will help us in our lives to become righteous in Christ. “Believers must be grounded in the truths of the Bible then they won’t be swayed by the powerful oratory of false teachers, the possible devastation of tragic circumstances, or the pull of emotions.” (LAB) Paul tells Titus to help older men and women to see how sound doctrines can help us live faithfully before God. He gives them both thoughts that are related to what he thinks men and women need to live out. The things that Paul lists for Titus to teach are needed for other leaders who will teach too.
For men:

Be temperate, has the thought of a sound mind.

Worthy of respect, this would be someone who has lived their life to such an extent that others see that life and respect him for his godliness, conduct and truthfulness and just the way he lives like God.

A century and a half ago there died a humble minister in a small village in Leicestershire, England. He had never attended college and had no degrees. He was merely a faithful village minister. In his congregation was a young cobbler to whom he gave special attention, teaching him the Word of God. This young man was later to be renowned as William Carey, one of the greatest missionaries of modern times. This same minister had a son, a boy whom he taught faithfully, and constantly encouraged. The boy’s character and powers were profoundly affected by his father’s life. That son was Robert Hall, the mightiest public orator of his day, whose sermons influenced the decisions of statesmen and whose character was as saintly as his preaching was phenomenal. It seemed that the village pastor accomplished little. There were no spectacular revivals, but his faithful witness and godly life had much to do with giving India its Carey and England its Robert Hall.

Self-controlled, “the virtue of one who masters his desires and passions, especially his sensual appetites.” (The New Unger's Bible Dictionary.)

Sound in faith, believing the correct things about the Lord and Jesus Christ as well as the Bible and standing strong on them so as not to be moved.

Sound in love, love not only God and the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul and mind but to love one another as God has loved them. Living the life of love daily.

Sound in endurance, “to handle pain or difficult times calmly and without complaining.” (New Century Version Dictionary.)
Also to have staying power in their faith until the end of their life or until the Lord returns, never wavering from the faith regardless the situation.
For women:

To be reverent in the ways they live, “is to revere,”(The New Unger's Bible Dictionary) that is to fear or to respect above all else and to pay honor to God. Acting with awe toward our heavenly Father.

Not to be slanders, “a defaming, evil report,” “backbite.” (The New Unger's Bible Dictionary.) Talking about others when the things you say are not true.

Addicted to much wine, is being so overwhelmed with that one is not themselves. Overcome by the alcohol so that sound judgments are not made. To drink too much.

Teach what is good, knowing and understanding that good needs to be taught to others. Good has to do with thoughts and deeds.
From here we see Paul begin to talk about this principle of teaching others. First, the preacher and ministers are to teach the congregation and lead leaders to learn to teach other, men to men and women to women. Second, is where we see Paul saying the older women ought to teach younger women and in verse 6, we make the assumption he is speaking about men helping younger men. Remember in the Bible old doesn’t specifically mean elderly but could be that, which is about 50-60 years of age. But, it can also mean people who have become knowledgeable about life and spiritual things, which means they could be younger adults who are quite capable of teaching other young men or women. But the idea here is to have experienced life some so you can help younger ones who haven’t had that experience. Spiritually, we are talking about at times even older men and women needing spiritual teaching. Notice, the older women are to help younger women how to be wives and mothers and how to handle the household. In those days that was the general concept that women were of the household may be much more than today’s ladies. Some have great experience at handling the household while other women who are older do not. We need experience and spiritual wisdom to help people.
Verse 4 talks of the concept of training younger women to “love their husbands and children.” But they also are to teach them “to be self-controlled and pure, to busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the Word of God.” We have here things in the lives of younger mothers and wives that they really need to know, then and now. Of course in the list of things we have the controversial statement from Paul, “and to be subject to their husbands.” Today, that has become a real problem not only in the non-religious community but in some churches too, when some of the people teaching the Bible are more liberal than the Word of God. (This subject is here and also in Ephesians 5:21-33)
When we go to verse 6, we see the information regarding older men having to teach younger men. They should be “self-controlled” and “set examples by doing what is good.” Then Paul goes right back to the teacher, who should “show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned.” As a teacher or a leader we can and must exhibit in our lives those things that will testify to the Lord and His greatness. As seen in the following verses we should always follow Christ’s example in life and deed. We are to teach others what we ourselves must know.
Look at all the things that should be taught and learned regarding living for Christ. Not only does the discipler need to heed the Word of God but the learner of the disciple whether man or woman.

Think of this, Moses taught and discipled Joshua otherwise the children of Israel would never have been successful in crossing over into the Land of Milk and Honey. As well as Naomi and Ruth, where Naomi taught Ruth how to live as an Israelite woman who would eventually give birth to the line of King David and Jesus. Look at the influence Elijah had on Elisha, where the mentee who took over for his mentor did more miracles than Elijah. We have always looked at Jesus who discipled those He called His disciples as a great example of the relationship between a disciple and a discipler. And of course, Paul who led Timothy to become the wonderful Christian and pastor he became and it becomes a great example to us in how to disciple others in Christ.
There are many Timothy’s, Elisha’s, Joshua’s, Ruth’s, William Carey’s and Robert Hall’s in the world and some out there in our congregation. Which are you? Are you a Paul, a Moses, an Elijah or a Naomi? Our prayer is that each of us here will read not only these scriptures but the areas of the Bible that talk about teaching and helping others learn more of Christ but put them into action. The same for those who have identified themselves as needing help to learn and who would be willing to have someone guide you to become more like Jesus. Once that is done, will you be willing to submit to the Lord’s plans to be a discipler or to be discipled to become like Jesus? The Titus Principle is to have men and women who disciple other men and women to become like Christ. We need to identify those who can and would be willing to disciple others, and we need to do the same for those who are willing to be discipled.


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