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1. Kneel down and be counted – PRAYER!
2. Stand up for Godly values – CONSCIENCE!
3. Withstand cultural and social pressures – COURAGE!
4. Stand firm and do not compromise – FAITH!
Reflection Questions:
1. Do you see our country falling away from biblical values and standards? In what ways?
2. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: America has forgotten God?
3. How did God get the attention of people in the Bible when they forgot or ignored the Lord?
4. Do you recognize the deception of secularism in America today?
5. This teaching mentions four challenges for Christ-followers to Take a Stand. Which of these four challenges speaks to you personally, and what can you do as a response?
6. Identify ways Christ-followers can be “the light of the world.”
7. How can you be proactive in each of the four challenges outlined in this teaching?