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CrossWay Church

February 17th 2019: Exodus 32:1-6

February 17th 2019: Exodus 32:1-6

These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.

Locations & Times

CrossWay Church Battle Ground

311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

Exodus 32:1-6: Unfaithful Hearts

I) The story of the golden calf shows how easy it is for God's people to turn their hearts to evil things.

A) When uncertainty occurred, the Israelites ______________ to the ways of the Egyptians.

B) This passage warns Christians that we can fall back into old _________ patterns too.

II) There are many different ways God's people can set their hearts on evil things.

A) God’s people can become impatient with his timing or ______ his work.

What situations make you doubt if God is at work around you? What things are you impatient about?

B) God’s people can allow __________ influences to dictate their actions.

When have you allowed others to pressure you into sinning? What sinful external pressures do you have in your life today?

C) God’s people can misuse the __________ he has given them.

How could you use the gifts that God has given to you better?

D) God’s people can _________ God’s word to justify sinful behavior.

This week spend some time in prayer and ask God to reveal what is going on in your heart.

What ideas that you have about God could be incorrect? What determines these views (culture, emotions, etc.)?

What motivates your actions (people pleasing, desire to control or succeed, anger, bitterness, etc.)?

III) God extends undeserved grace to his people.

A) God showed _____________ to the Israelites.

B) Christ’s grace covers believers’ sins too.

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