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Becoming Who We Are Destined to Be: Patience
Interim Pastor Neal Nybo
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1. The opposite of patience is frustration and anger.

Wrap Rage

According to the Huffington Post, Wrap Rage is the latest example of American Impatience — an age in which we live, characterized by increased anger, frustration, and simple unwillingness to wait. Here is the original article.
Personal Reflection / Growth Group Questions
Determining your "frustration triggers."
1. Is there a situation where you often find yourself frustrated or angry?
2. Without describing the specifics, what generally leads to your frustration? For example, having to wait, wasting time or money, being asked the same question repeatedly, etc.
3. As a group, make a list of the most common things and/or triggers that cause the most frustration.
4. Pray as a group that you can learn to have patience with these triggers.

Christianity Today Bible Study on Patience

The Bible has a lot to say about patience. Here is a study that goes into greater detail.
Personal Reflection / Growth Group Questions
1. Describe a time recently when you were impatient.
2. Describe a time recently when you were patient.
3. Finish this sentence. Impatience made me feel _________ while being patient felt like _______________.
4. How did both situations impact others who were involved?
3. Jesus had habits that led to patience.
3 a. Jesus ruthlessly eliminated hurry from his life.
3 c. Jesus didn’t need to have the last word.
4. We can develop patience the same way Jesus did.
4 a. Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.
4 b. Wait two seconds to speak.
4 c. Don’t have the last word.

10 Prayers for patience including spouse, children, and myself

We can all use prayer for patience. This article provides ten prayers for patience in a variety of situations.
Personal Reflection / Growth Group Questions
1. Which one of these practices do you think would be hardest for you to try?
2. Pick one of the other two (not the hardest one).
3. In one sentence, describe what situation you plan to try this practice.
4. Be sure you can text or email the person on your right. Do so when you have tried this.
5. What day should they expect to hear from you this week?
6. Reach out to the person on your left if you haven't heard from them by that day.

Learning about spiritual practices

The habits and suggestions talked about are examples of creative spiritual disciplines. Find out more about the idea of spiritual disciples in this article.

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