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2.10.2019 | Acts - Week 31
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This Week's Bulletin
February 10, 2019

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.

9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donuts
9:30 am ~ Sunday Classes
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
12:00 pm ~ Pastor’s Lunch
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service

6:00 pm ~ Book Reading Club Dinner

6:00 pm ~ Dover Township Meeting
6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT

6:00 pm ~ Lynette Miller Sprinkle Shower

Fine Arts Competition

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study
Starting this Wednesday, we will begin a new study based on the evangelistic training course. “The Way of The Master”. It is an 8 week video & discussion session to help equip the church to be intentional and effective in our desire to share Christ with our friends and family. We encourage everyone to attend!

Book Reading Club Dinner
Anna will be in touch with all ladies currently reading the winter book club book, Dancing from Darkness, about dinner and discussion that will be held on Tue, Feb 12 at Dee D’Agostino’s.
Baby Sprinkle
On Fri., Feb. 15, 6:30 p.m., the ladies will hold a baby sprinkle for Lynette Miller. Please sign up at the ladies table. Lynette is registered at WalMart.
Ladies Bible Study – Part 2
“Finding Healing ~ Part 2” Begins Mon. Mar 4 @ 6:30 pm
Paint Day!
“The Wave” ~ That’s right, back by popular demand, the ladies will have another paint date on Sat. March 9 from 9:30 am-12:30 pm, led by Bobbi Jo. Come prepared to be the next Michelangelo! Pizza and salad will be provided. Cost is $5.00 per person. Please sign up if you are able to join us.
Spring Tour Event
The annual sectional event of the A/G WOP is scheduled for Sat. March 23 at Harrisburg 1st A/G. Please see the ladies table to sign up and for more information.

Sectional Fine Arts
Some of our teens will be competing in the Assemblies of God Fine Arts competition THIS Sat. Feb 16. The teens who score well will advance to the district event, which is just before convention. Keep these young people in prayer.
Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction Fundraiser
Mark your calendars for Sun. Feb 24 as our teens once again “dish out” a marvelous spaghetti lunch as a way to fund their annual trip to the district youth convention. Our dessert auction will also be making a return this year. We encourage everyone to attend for a great time of fellowship and fundraising! Please sign up in the lower foyer! Donations of lunch supplies would be appreciated and help defer the cost to the teens. Deadline for donations is Sun. Feb. 10! Thank you for your support!
Grab ‘N Go Fundraiser
Our teens will be selling hot dogs and soda on Sun. Mar 3, following the service. Please be sure to support our youth group as they continue to raise money for convention. Thanks in advance to our Grill-Master, Keith Housseal!
Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
This is a new venture for our teens and our church. On Sun. Mar 17, we are going to cancel Sunday school and in it’s place we will offer an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast designed to help the teens make their fundraising goal. This will be open to the community, so be sure to invite as many as you can. Sign up in the lower foyer.
District Fine Arts – April 17 & 18
Those who scored well in the sectional competition will compete in Districts, which includes the states of PA & DE.
“Hope Now” Youth Convention – April 18-20
This is the annual event that has been our fundraising goal. It’s a great weekend of fun, fellowship and spiritual transformation. Keep the teens in constant prayer to be open to what God has for them!

Nursery Needs
As our church continues to grow, we are in need of dedicated adults who would be willing to rotate as leaders in our infant nursery. If would like to be a part of this vital ministry, please put your name and “nursery” on a blue card and put it in the offering plate. Thank you for your help!
Dover Township Insert
As you know, there is much speculation about the future of the field behind the church, the new high school, and the proposed road through our property. The township and borough have put together a committee to share information about upcoming plans for our area. We could assume that part of those talks will include our church property. The insert encourages the residents to attend a series of meetings to provide input and hopefully get some questions answered. We encourage as many as possible to attend these meetings. See the insert for locations, dates and times.
Human Life Services
Thanks to your generosity, last Sunday, we raised $290.00 as an offering to this important ministry. We also passed out baby bottles that we are to fill with change and return to the church by NEXT Sunday, Feb 17. We will deliver them to their office on Monday. If you did not receive a bottle and would like one, there are some on the women’s table in the upper foyer. Thank you again for your dedication and support!
Contact Information Update
We have received most of the updated address sheets. If we do not have your information updated, please see Pastor Jeff to submit any changes or additions, or submit them online via
Stage Design Team
We are also in need of a few men to help our platform decorators, Brad & Katie. This would involve about 2 hours every 3-4 months as they redecorate the stage area. Please see Katie or Brad if you are available to help!
Snow Cancellations
Should we have the need to cancel any of our services due to inclement weather, we will put that information on our Facebook page, our website, and the local TV stations [WGAL-CH 8, CBS 21, ABC 27, FOX 43, CW 15] If you would like to sign up for a TEXT on your cell phone that will indicate the status of our services, please fill out the blue & white card with your name and cell phone number. Please be sure to hand them into our Information Center and we will add you to our list.
Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
~ Helen S.
~ Beulah S.
Prayer Needs
~ Robin H.
~ Rose K.
~ Phil & Murina S.
~ Marian T.

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We are continuing our study of the Book of Acts.

Acts, as we have mentioned before is basically an outline of all of Paul’s epistles. This is the overview of his travels and church planting, the epistles are Paul’s letters to those churches that he had planted.

Two weeks ago, we left off with Paul having preached in Thessalonica and many women and men were saved.

But he also encountered a resistance from the Jewish leaders and people in that town.

It forces Paul to leave and because the leaders forced his friend Jason to post some kind of assurance bond that Paul would not return, he would have to later write the letters to the Thessalonian church.

Now we pick up where we left off.
Remember that, back in Thessalonica, those leaders could not find Paul & Silas so they grabbed Jason.
It appears that someone had actually hidden them from those who were looking to persecute them, because Acts 17:10 tells us they waited until it was dark and snuck them out of town.

Berea was about 45 miles from Thessalonica, and since there was no public transportation, they didn’t arrive there the next day.

Berea was not a historically or politically important city. In fact, one commentator said that people would leave Thessalonica and it’s strife and go to Berea for rest, because it was “off the beaten path”.

It doesn’t tell us but it sounds like Paul needed a bit of a rest from the grief he had in Thessalonica.
Knowing scripture only helps when we realize how we can apply it to what we face today.

Everyone needs time to relax and recoup surrounded by others who are of like mind. Isn’t that what church is supposed to be? A temporary rest from the grief we all face in life?

So what does Paul do? Even though he may be taking a bit of a rest from conflict, doesn’t mean he isn’t still ministering.
If you know Christ, there should be a desire to be involved somewhere. Not just to sit around.

So Paul goes into yet another synagogue, not knowing what he’ll find.
If Paul was excited about how the Thessalonians received his preaching, imagine how happy he is now!
Let me tell you, it is the best thing that preachers and pastors can hear--that the people we minister to, have a desire to know God’s word better.

And every good preacher should always tell you to search out God’s word to be sure that what they are saying is true.

The Bible says that teachers and preachers will be judged harder but it doesn’t say that you are off the hook.

You will not be able to say that you didn’t know because the pastor didn’t preach it, or I didn’t know it was wrong, the pastor said it was right.

Everyone is responsible to study for themselves.
Why were they more noble? They received the message with great eagerness.

They were eager! In other words, They came expectantly!

Are we eager to get together to hear God’s word proclaimed? Then do we go home and re-read what was preached and check to see if it’s right?

The way this paragraph is phrased, seems to be this:

The Bereans may or may not have been Christians to begin with, but many knew their Old Testament and wanted to know more about the Messiah. So they were excited to hear what Paul was saying.

They took what Paul was saying as “that sounds logical, but let’s go home and look it up for ourselves to be sure”.

And because they were able to verify that what he preached was true, what was the result?
This verse tells us who was there. Obviously since he was in the synagogue, many Jewish people believed.

But you also has prominent women. Again like earlier in Thessalonica, women who were probably married to influential and rich men.

And the phrase “Greek men” indicates that not all the men were God-fearing”. It indicates that some were just pagan gentiles.

So Paul’s preaching was able to bring many people of differing backgrounds to Christ.

Why? Because he was able to preach in such a way that it was understandable and also verifiable.

But what happens when we begin to see God at work in people’s lives?

The enemy tries to stop it.
There will always be opposition to any move of God, and it almost always involves other people.

Now how did the people 45 miles away hear about Berea?

2 schools of thought...
1) The Bereans who were now Christians were spreading the gospel wherever they went and they probably went to Thessalonica.

2) The Jews from Thessalonica sent some spies to Berea to see what was happening.

Either way, why would people 45 miles away care about Berea? It probably didn’t affect their economy or lifestyle.

Because it is a spiritual battle. And the enemy has “missionaries”.
As long as we are alive, we can be assured that we will face opposition when we attempt anything for God.

So what happened when the crowd got riled up?
The Jews thought that if they could get Paul, all this nonsense would stop. That he was the catalyst.

So they outwitted the enemy by moving Paul.

Some folks believe that if you can get the leader of a movement, that movement will collapse.

They thought that if they got rid of Paul, all this Christian talk would go away, but since the leader of the church is Christ, removing a person really doesn’t have much effect.
Take Paul out, but you now have 2 more to carry on the mission.

Going back to the verse that says they Bereans were more noble.

One example was that they guarded Paul.

They were the ones who protected him and helped to get him out of harm’s way.

It says they escorted him.
Maybe even at great peril, they smuggled him out. They didn’t distance themselves or deny knowing him (like Peter).

We don’t know how long Silas & Timothy stayed, but we do know they met up with Paul at a later date.
They stayed presumably to help teach the Bereans, but they did eventually leave.

But even in their absence they Bereans continued to grow in their faith.

And as happens, you will find a few that step up to go the extra mile.

Later in Acts, one of these Bereans went with Paul back into Macedonia where he faced hardship and persecution before.
Here we have a man who long after Paul preached in Berea, was still strong in his faith and willing to go into hostile territory with Paul. Paul had that much of an influence on him.

We find that Paul is a spiritual father to several people. Timothy among them.

He probably had the same effect on this Sopater.
Do you consider yourself a “Berean”? Do you study God’s word for yourself?

Have you had the experience of the enemy assaulting you as you attempt to minister? The more you want to do, the more you face trouble?

Do each of us have a “spiritual father or mother”? Someone who has effected your life in such a positive Christian manner? Do you see yourself as a spiritual father or mother?

Do you have someone that helps or encourages you in your faith, or are you someone that encourages others in their faith and challenges them to know God better?

Have we allowed God to use our lives in such a way that we have a profound effect on others?

Maybe we have all wanted to be all of the above, but for whatever reason, we haven’t made it, or fallen short on one of them.

When we read the Bible or hear sermons, hopefully we don’t do it just to gain knowledge.

We should want those things that we read or hear, to change us...

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