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Grace Chapel

Devoted: The Power of a Devoted Life

Devoted: The Power of a Devoted Life

Welcome to Grace Chapel! God’s influence and His actions in the world result in a people marked out for His purposes. These priorities can be seen and developed in the spiritual disciplines. In Daniel’s time these served as powerful reminders of utter dependence on God and no other authority; they can still serve as reminders today.

Locations & Times

Grace Chapel

8505 S Valley Hwy, Englewood, CO 80112, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:45 AM

Growing up physically is inevitable, but it isn’t inevitable spiritually.
Spiritual growth is the result of being devoted to God and growing aware of God’s devotion to us.
Daniel’s central message: God will rescue His people from the miseries of their sin by the work of the Messiah.
When our ENEMY closes in, God gets even CLOSER. (vv. 1-7)
As Christians, we have to choose daily whether we will be devoted to the world we live in, or to take the difficult path.
Sustained resolutions lead to a righteous REPUTATION. (vv. 8-16)
Devotion to God will bring growth in KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. (vv. 17-21)
•He kept his COMMITMENT (vv. 17, 20)
•He kept his COMPANIONS (vv. 11, 17, 20)
•He kept his CALLING (vv. 17b, 18, 20, 21)

Greater devotion to Christ begins with a focused life.
This week I will…

- Evaluate my life where I am clinging to earthly possessions and ask God to renew my affections for Him.
- Take a stand for my beliefs in Christ when challenged by culture.
- Pray for the people in our church that we may remain a strong witness for Christ.
- Read Daniel all the way through at least one time.

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Prayer Requests

We would love to pray for you this week. All submissions using this form will be shared with staff, Elders, and the prayer team. Please note in your request if you want this shared with staff and Elders ONLY.

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