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The Word on words - wk6 (In The Moment)
We each know intuitively that our words have a power to them. Power for good or for harm. It seems in our polarized culture today – it would be really good if we each could get better at HOW we use our words. We need some biblical wisdom on how we speak.
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We said as we began this series that we wanted to get better at using biblical wisdom as it comes to our words! We leaned into Richard Foster's words:
"Let’s discipline ourselves so that our words are full and few.”
- Richard J. Foster
We challenged one another to not only memorize 2 key verses. We said we must know them and to have them become a part of how we now live and use our words:
James 1:19 (new purpose) & Ephesians 4:29 (new purpose)

have you memorized them?
Today, as we wrap up this journey – this series I want us to explore one of the greatest stories of the Bible from a 10,000 foot view. See some application for us about our words and their power!

The greatest story of the Bible is obviously about Jesus – which we’ll focus on this upcoming Christmas and in a couple series we’ll be in as we head into 2020. Excited for them – make sure you’re with us!
But this story today is a profound one that follows this man named Joseph from the Old Testament – the 1st book of the Bible (Genesis) and the beginning story of the nation of Israel. You can read his story in about 20 minutes (Genesis chapters 37-50)
Joseph's story:
-Abandoned (Gen. 37)
-Accused (Gen. 39)
-Forgotten (Gen. 40)
-Challenged (Gen. 41)
-Empowered (Gen. 41)
-Encounter and Example (Gen. 42-50)
We see in the challenges Joseph faced:

Bad things have been happening to good people for a long time.
And God has been WITH good people in bad times for a long time as well.
Joseph had lived with God being the ONE who was in control of his story and always WITH him in his story! That had shaped every moment – even the dark and desperate ones.
What Joseph couldn’t have known, was that God’s plan for the ages was hanging by a thread of his words in this moment!
That before him sat the tribes of Israel through whom God would introduce the Savior of the world. And this Savior Jesus would ultimately do for Israel and humanity, what Joseph ultimately does for his brothers.
He saves them and invites them in…
Take-away Thought to wrestle with:
When we have the opportunity to ‘lower the boom’, will we?
Or will we raise up a legacy of love?
If our words are stones, we can choose to THROW them,
or USE them to pave a way forward.
Q) What legacy do you hope to leave with the people you care most about?
We will never experience the good that comes from the bad unless we recognize that God was with us in the bad and then refuse to “play God” when things are good…
“Only speak words that make souls stronger.”
-Ann Voskamp
Q) What has the Spirit caused to stick out to you in the past few weeks in this series?
Q) What ways is the Lord nudging you to allow Him to work with you, bring about some transforming work within the way you use your words?

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