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The Glory of Jesus
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  • Glencairn Church
    725 Erinbrook Dr, Kitchener, ON N2E 2P8, Canada
    Sunday 10:15 AM
Going Deeper is designed for use with your small group, a friend or on you own. Its aim is to create time for you to spend with God and his word. Do as much or as little as you like. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our pastoral staff.
1. Pray for the needs of your Life Group, for our church and our leaders, for personal and corporate renewal, and to allow God’s word to transform us.
Share a recent entry from your Life Journal with the group.
2. This Sunday, the message focus was on the significance of Jesus’ first recorded miracle. What thoughts or questions did the message raise for you? What encouraged you or posed a challenge to you?
3. Read John 2:1-11. Consider what each of the people in the account experienced – Jesus, His mother, the servants, the master of the feast, the disciples. How do you think they reacted to what they saw? Is there one with whom you most closely identify?
4. John wrote (v. 10) that this was a sign through which, Jesus’ glory was revealed. How is this a sign and how was Jesus’ glory manifested through it?
5. Why did Jesus use ceremonial jars as the means to change water into wine? Read Psalm 104:15 and Matthew 26:27-29. What does the water in the jars represent? What does this say about the temple rituals? What does the wine represent? How is this cleansing action active in your life?
6. Read Isa 54:5; 62:5; Eze 16:8-14; Hos 3:1-3; Eph 5:25-33. The language of marriage between God and his people is throughout the Bible. Is there anything that surprises you about this language? How might this change your view about God? About your relationship with others?
7. Take a moment of silence as you consider this miracle as it applies to your own life. Yield any “water” (areas needing transformation) to Him for metamorphosis into glorious cleansing “wine.”