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Overwhelmed: When Joy and Peace Come Close
Welcome to Grace Chapel! When it comes to finding peace, we often look to counterfeit comforts. We look for things that will bring us momentary pleasure or ease our pain. The power of God brings us lasting joy and peace, in spite of our circumstances, as He gives us joy and peace found in the tangible presence of Christ.
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The Philippians were like us:

• Anxiety about provision
• Anxiety about cultural unrest
• Anxiety about being marginalized as Christians
• Anxiety about doctrinal issues
• Anxiety about disagreements or tensions within the church

The REASONS for joy and peace:

1. We are “in the LORD” – Jesus is alive and brings us life. (v. 4)
2. “The Lord is at HAND” – Jesus is already with us, and He is coming again. (v. 5)
3. Peace is INEVITABLE when God is involved. (v. 7).

The POWER of God makes the peace and joy of Christ TANGIBLE.
The PRACTICES of joy and peace:

1. REASONABLENESS — Showing love, gentleness, and kindness toward others. (v. 5)
2. Do not be anxious about ANYTHING — Trusting Christ as King of our lives. (v. 6)
3. Prayer and SUPPLICATION — Being thankful and asking boldly of God. (v. 6)

This week I will…

• Cast my cares and worries on Christ through regular patterns of prayer.
• Ask a friend to listen to my fears and see where God is working despite them.
• Contact the Hope of Denver for biblical counseling at
• Read the book of Philippians at least one time through.

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Prayer Requests

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