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What is Gods Will for me in 2019?
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What is Gods Will for me in 2019?
In Christianity GOD HIMSELF comes to reside in our hearts and then speak to us through His Word and His Spirit helps REMIND US OF TRUTH and understand it.
Normally when we ask "What is Gods will for my life?" what we REALLY mean is "What career should I pursue?"

Gods Will ISN'T about US...it's about finding out what God's heart is and making HIS DESIRES OURS

The end goal of God's Will is PEOPLE! Saving and restoring people!
How can we discern our next steps for this year?

Ask these questions first...
1. Does what I'm considering contribute to God's mission of saving humanity?
2. Does the Word address it? God's will DOES NOT contradict His Word!
3. What does godly community around you say about what you're considering? Have you asked for honest counsel?
4. Have you prayed through it adequately?
If you have ALL GREEN LIGHTS...then GO!