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12.30.2018 | Acts - Week 26
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December 30, 2018

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Well, we took a break from our study in ACTS to focus on the truth of Christmas, but now it is back to business.

If you remember, we left off talking about hospitality and how our hospitality to people can make a huge difference in their relationship with Christ.

How do we treat people on the street and especially when they visit our church?

So we’ll pick it up right after they left Lydia’s house.

We don’t know how much time has passed, but what we do know is that the time they spent at Lydia’s encouraged them to keep pushing on.

If you remember, their friendship was unique in Paul’s writings.

So, they leave Lydia’s and keep walking along, preaching the gospel.
Now at the outset, it might not seem too bad. She is basically telling people to listen to them for salvation.

It might be annoying, but what is wrong with it?

Let’s look at this passage for a moment. The phrase “spirit by which she predicted the future” is the word “divination”

That word literally means “to foresee” or “to be inspired by a god”

We know that this was forbidden in the Old Testament. Israel was sent into captivity for it.
Saul lost his kingdom because he sought out a medium which is another way of saying divination.
So first off, we know that what she was doing was forbidden by God, so anything attached to it, would also be wrong.

Reading horoscopes, fortune telling, séances, palm reading, using star charts, etc. all open the door to demon oppression, if not possession.

Christians do not need to fear those spirits, nor are we to seek them out for help. God is our source of wisdom and help.

Also, it seems that they were approached by her. And if she were demon possessed, then we assume that her intervention was meant to stop what they were doing.
Doing things that God forbids doesn’t always mean bad things will happen right away.

Living a sinful life may result in monetary or other types of gain. And seeking out the future may even work at times.

Just because something seems to work for you, doesn’t always make it right.

The enemy will always make things look attractive and beneficial to you without telling you the consequences of those choices.
So what is the problem with what is happening here? Is what she is saying the truth?

Yes and no. To us reading it now, what she is saying is truth, but to those who are hearing her it is something else.

Think about the logic here. She is demon possessed, why would she want others to hear the truth?

In fact, what Paul was preaching was that Jesus is the Messiah and Lord. She couldn’t say that.
Since she was demon possessed, she could not be filled with the Holy Spirit. She was saying something, while sounding true to Paul and Silas, was aimed at the others who were listening.

She was yelling this to the gentiles who were still enslaved by the Romans, or at least under their tyranny. So to her listeners, this phrase was saying something they really wanted to hear.

They would be saved from Rome. This was something that people wanted to hear. She was trying to divert their attention from salvation from sin to salvation from Rome.

She was using these men to attract more people to herself which would increase the wealth of her owners and probably better her life.

How often do we see that happen today? Not so much with divination, but using the Bible out of context to enrich the ones teaching it.
Who doesn’t want to have more money or nicer things or be blessed? I would like to listen to sermons that tell me that if I give $100, I’ll get back $10,000

Or that God wants me to be wealthy. Or that my lifestyle is okay with God.

This slave girl was appealing to the needs and wants of the people. And isn’t that what happens when you hear sermons that say the same thing?

It sounds good, sounds Biblical, they use scriptures, but in the end it isn’t true.

What she was saying was accurate, but in the end it wasn’t true.
It must have been working for her.

People must have been listening to her and maybe even following her.

So while she was technically accurate, people were being led away from the truth.
The demon’s screaming was getting more attention than the preaching of the gospel, Paul had enough. When sinful practices actually divert people from the truth, we need to take a stand.

When others try to use language that sounds spiritual but takes people away from truth, we should be aware of it and confront it.

There is a plethora or teaching out there and most is pretty good, but there is also some that is just wrong. And it needs to be addressed.

Here we also see the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits.

She probably didn’t come up and tell Paul that she was demon possessed and probably nobody else told him, and if she was following him around saying things that sounded right, how would he know any different unless he could discern it.

We always need to be alert to the things that happen around us. We need to pray for discernment. And wisdom. Not everything that sounds good, is.

We have all probably at one time or another had that “check” in our spirit about something or someone.

We should always be sensitive to those checks.
Presumably, this girl now became a Christian.

How often when people come to know Christ, the evil things they did now end, which might mean a loss to themselves or to their families.
And sometimes when that transformation takes place, those around you won’t like it either.

Look at the second half of Acts 16:19...
Sometimes when we come to Christ for forgiveness and we seek to change our lives, our family and friends may not understand it and may even get upset with that change.

They may even get upset with the church or preacher for what is happening to you.

And for those of us who share the gospel, like Paul & Silas, we should be ready for that opposition.
Acts of the Apostles 16:20-21 NLT

The first thing the officials do is bring up their nationality. They knew there was anti-Semitism in the crowd, so they appealed to that.

Christians today, while not as blatant as this are singled out because of people’s attitude toward the things we believe and teach.

“Jesus is the only way” all other ways and religions are wrong. That seems to get people upset, so they use that.

They also use racial pride: “teaching things against Roman customs.”
Us vs. them mentality. Just like we see today.

“It’s un-American to say there is only one way, we believe in diversity. Those Christians are affecting our way of life by telling us what is right and wrong.”
Acts of the Apostles 16:22-24 NLT

In America, we aren’t here...YET.

But in many other countries today, Christians are jailed simply for preaching the gospel and while they don’t want to be there, it doesn’t stop them from doing it.

According to Newsweek (no friend to Christianity): The persecution and genocide of Christians across the world is worse today “than at any time in history,” and Western governments are failing to stop it, a report from a Catholic organization said.

The study by Aid to the Church in Need said the treatment of Christians has worsened substantially in the past two years compared with the two years prior, and has grown more violent than any other period in modern times.

“Not only are Christians more persecuted than any other faith group, but ever-increasing numbers are experiencing the very worst forms of persecution,” the report said.

This is a sermon in itself for a later date, but suffice it to say, that as time goes on and we get closer to the return of Christ, we should be prepared for things like this.

Next week we’ll see how God used jail time to save an entire family.

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