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Wait and See - Psalm 27
Wait and See Psalm 27 Creekside Community Church, San Leandro, California Greg V. Arthur, December 30, 2018
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    951 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Wait on the Lord and See God’s Goodness
Memory Verse (Ps 27:13-14)

Faith is Belief in Action
Actions Reveal Beliefs / Actions Reinforce Beliefs
The Belief (Ps 27:1) – The Lord is the strength of my life.
The Action (Ps 27:14) – Wait on the Lord.
Distracted Waiting
How Not to Wait on the Lord
Distracted from Reaping the Benefits of Dissatisfaction and Boredom
(Matt 5:6)
Also: The Cyber Effect, Aiken, 2016; iGen, Twenge, 2017.
Active Waiting
How to Wait on the Lord
Identify Big Distractions / Fast from Easy Satisfactions / Seek the Lord
The Action Explained (Ps 27:8)
Questions for Further Thought

Q1 - Do you agree that seeing God’s goodness in this life somehow depends on waiting on the Lord? What is the effect of seeing His goodness in this life? What’s the effect of missing the sight of it?

Q2 - Do you agree that actions reveal our actual beliefs? Does it follow then that the action in verse 14 to (wait on the Lord) reveals whether we actually believe verse 1 (the Lord is the strength of my life)? Do you agree that actions also reinforce beliefs?

Q3 - From Ps 27, how did David wait on the Lord – when overwhelmed (2-3); troubled (4-6); confused (7-10); and remorseful (11-12)?

Q4 - Are you good at waiting or are you distracted? Do you agree that there are benefits that only come from waiting during times of dissatisfaction and boredom? How do each of these actions to do while waiting make it more possible to see the goodness of the Lord in this life? Which stands out to you as possible / necessary?
The Greatest Benefit – Seeing the Goodness of the Lord

Q5 – (Identify) What is a big distraction that keeps you from realizing the benefits of waiting on the Lord? (Fast) What easy satisfaction can you take a break from? (Seek) In what one way from the list in Question 4 might you seek the Lord instead this week?