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Power Lines of Connection - Part 4
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The Bible Project on Shalom
missio Dei

“mission is not primarily an activity of the church, but an attribute of God. God is a missionary God.”

- David J. Bosch
“To participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people, since God is a fountain of sending love.”

David J. Bosch, Transforming mission, Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 1991, 389-390.
The spirit of Advent
“It’s a season for cherishing and worshiping this characteristic of God—that he is a searching and rescuing God, that he is a God on a mission, that he is not aloof or passive or indecisive. He is never in the maintenance mode, coasting or drifting. He is sending, pursuing, searching, saving. That’s the meaning of Advent.

The book of Acts is a celebration of this advent heart of God’s—on the move to seek and to save the lost. It’s a narration of Jesus’s ongoing advent into more and more peoples of the world. Acts is the story of how the early church understood the words, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you” (John 20:21).

It’s the story of how the vertical advent of God in the mission of Jesus bends out and becomes the horizontal advent of Jesus in the mission of the church. In us. Jesus came into the world at the first Advent, and every Advent since is a reminder of his continual advent into more and more lives. And that advent is, in fact, our advent—our coming, our moving into the lives of those around us and into the peoples of the world.”

John Piper “The Dawning of Indestructible Joy.”
The alabaster flask of ointment
“Used here in the narrative, it implies that the cruse of ointment had not been bought; it was something she had received as a gift, or possibly as the wages of her sin. And not only was it prearranged, part of a deliberate intention, but evidently it was not displeasing to Jesus.”

Expositor's Bible Commentary
“Used here in the narrative, it implies that the cruse of ointment had not been bought; it was something she had received as a gift, or possibly as the wages of her sin. And not only was it prearranged, part of a deliberate intention, but evidently it was not displeasing to Jesus.”

A woman washes Jesus' feet with her hair and tears (Luke 7:36-50)
Forgiven much, love much quote
"From this incident we see what it is that produces true repentance. If you were going out into the open air on a frosty day, and were taking a lump of ice, you might pound it with a pestle, but it would still continue ice. You might break it into ten thousand atoms, but so long as you continue in that wintry atmosphere, every fragment, however small, will still be frozen.

But come within. Bring in the ice beside your own bright and blazing fire, and soon in that genial glow “the waters flow.” A man may try to make himself contrite; he may search out his sins and set them before him, and dwell on all their enormity, and still feel no true repentance. Though pounded with penances in the mortar of fasts and macerations, his heart continues hard and icy still. And as long as you keep in that legal atmosphere it cannot thaw.

There may be elaborate confession, a got-up sort of penitence, a voluntary humility, but there is no godly sorrow. But come to Jesus with His words of grace and truth. From the cold winter night of the ascetic, come into the summer of the Great Evangelist. Let that flinty frozen spirit bask a little in the beams of the Sun of Righteousness. Listen for a little to those words which melted this sinner into a penitent—which broke her alabaster box and brimmed over in tears of ecstatic sorrow and self-condemning devotion: for, finding that you too have much forgiven, you also will love much."

J. Hamilton, D. D. Biblical Illustrator Commentary
“But the absolute centre of what he does to help us change is to reveal himself to us, to give us a taste of what he’s really like, and to pour his life into us.”

Larry Crabb, Connecting p9
Vine Kids
We are pleased to welcome new children and their families to Vine Church Children’s Gangs.

Our children’s Gangs are for all children from age 1 to those in Primary 7. Our Gang’s operate during the message part of the service and we enjoy bible stories, games, toys, craft, prayer, worship, snacks and lots of fun together.

Find out more and what ages kids gangs are for...
Prayer Request or Praise Report
If you have a prayer request or want to tell us about answered prayer, please do so here.

We Value the Power of Prayer

“Supernaturally Transforming Lives and Circumstances”

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6 NIV
As a church we have numerous stories of people who have had prayer answered and seen incredible miracles take place. We have stories of; miraculous healings, miraculous protection from danger and harm, children being born when it seemed impossible, hospitals and orphan’s villages being built in Haiti and many, many more examples that God still answers prayer today and miracles do happen.
Join a Life Group
In an age where people lack community, Life Groups provide the ideal environment for friendship, connection and growth.

Read more about Joining a Life Group
Synergie Youth
Synergie – A coming together producing something GREAT!

Read about our fantastic Synergie youth that work with high school age youth...
Join a Team
“Our Church is not built on the talents and gifts of a few but on the sacrifice of many.” –Brian Houston

The Vine church is as effective as our people. The greatness of our church relies on the heart of our people and their willingness to serve others. Our church functions because ordinary people give their time, talents and energy willingly and cheerfully to serve others.

Joining a team is an excellent way to get connected into the life of our church, make friends and help the church to grow. In fact the growth in health and size of our church depends on every member serving and “doing their own special work”:

“…as each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is growing and full of love.”
Eph.4:16 NLT

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Adorn Women's Events
Ladies you’re warmly invited to Adorn, a regular inspirational evening with dynamic teaching, fun and a great place to make new friends and develop your inner beauty as woman after God’s heart.

Adorn more than your appearance and attire, let your adornment be what’s inside

“Let your adornment be what’s inside – the real you, the lasting beauty of a gracious and quiet spirit , in which God delights.” 1 Peter 3:4
Fight Club 59
Fight Club

Men, Your hour has come to move from fed up to head up.
Fight Club trains men to fight an excellent fight.
It leads men to win the right battles.

Fight Club trains men;
To fight to discover your identity, purpose and destiny.
To fight the real source of the opposition and resistance you face.
To fight for your life, your marriage, your family, your brothers, your cities and your nation.

Fight Club
Trains men to be

Warrior Worship
There is a great stirring in the worship and it’s time for us all to join the momentum building and get hungry for more. Nothing compares to God’s presence, and nothing can mimic, transform or breakthrough in our lives like His awesome presence.

Next Warrior Worship is Sunday 11th November 20:00

Details here...
Tearfund Christmas Concerts
This is our sixth year of the Tearfund Scotland Christmas Concerts, and we'd love you to join us for some inspiring Christmas carols and original Christmas songs. We have a great line up with some of Scotland’s finest Christian singer-songwriters and musicians - Steph Macleod, Yvonne Lyon, Ellyn Oliver and David Lyon - welcoming in this season of Advent with us.

Each performance will help to raise money for Tearfund’s partners, bringing hope and transformation where the need is greatest. We look forward to seeing you soon at The Vine Church.

Doors open at 7pmTickets available at venue or online
Left to Their Own Devices
The internet revolutionised the way that we live our lives.
Digital technology allows young people to develop life skills and build connections in ways previously impossible. Despite this, parents can feel out of touch with their children’s online habits and can worry about their vulnerability online. Not to mention, the worries over the sheer amount of time spent on screens. At Left To Their Own Devices?, speakers Katharine Hill and Philip Jinadu will provide parents with perception-shifting insights into today’s increasingly digital world.