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The Angels: Supporting Characters

A. God created the greatest story…
Angel Quiz: How much do you know about angels?
1. What does the word angel mean?
2. When were angels created?
3. Is God making any more angels?
4. Could you meet an angel and not know it?
5. Do angels marry?
6. Are demons and angels the same?
7. Who was freed from prison by an angel?
8. Can angels be trusted?
9. Are all angels the same?
10. Are there good angels and evil angels?
11. Do angels have wings? All angels?
12. Do angels fly with these wings?
13. Are angels omniscient?
14. How many angels are there?
15. Do angels have names?
16. Do angels have specific jobs?
17. Do angels have a language?
18. Are angels male or female?
19. Are angels limited in whom they can help?
20. Do we really have guardian angels?
Angels are not…
1. Angels are not feminine creatures.
2. Angels are not saints who have died.
3. Angels are not all good.
4. Angels are not all alike.
5. Angels do not have halos.
6. Angels do not reproduce.
7. Angels do not possess human bodies but become visible as necessary.
8. Angels are not funny-looking, little, chubby, red-faced babies with wings.
9. Angels are not going to die, so they are ageless.
10. Angels are not emotionless robots without freedom of choice.
11. Angels do not obey man and cannot intercede in prayer.
12. Angels are not to be worshipped.
1. God specifically picked each of the characters for this story!
2. Each character had special significance…there are no accidents in God’s plan!
3. If God’s original creation was spectacular, imagine His plan for the redemption of all mankind!
4. Every detail was part of the plan with prophetic fulfillment; every detail held deeper meaning!
5. This is His-Story of love for all mankind!
B. The angels were selected to help tell this grand Story…
1. Angels are God’s messengers to fulfill His purpose and will.
2. Angels are superhuman in knowledge and power but possessing intelligence and will.
3. Angels have levels of power and authority. The Cherubim protect and defend, Genesis 3:24; Psalm 99:1, and the Seraphim (6 wings).
4. Angels are beyond our ability to number them.
5. Angels have names…Michael – Commander-in-Chief; Gabriel – “mighty one”, Heaven’s telegram bearer.
6. Angels will not reproduce, die, and nor will more be created.
7. Angels reveal and communicate God’s message to man.
8. Angels minister to believers in protection of both spiritual and physical needs.
9. Angels witness our salvation.
10. Angels witness our names being written in the Book of Life.
11. Angels witness our confession or denial of Him.
12. Angels witness our lives in Christ.
13. Angels glorify God and will accompany the Lord at His Second Coming.
14. Angels remain hidden except on occasion when our eyes are opened to see them.
C. Angels surrounded the birth of Christ…
1. An angel appeared to Zacharias.
3. An angel appeared to Joseph.
4. An angel appeared to the shepherds.
D. These angels were one of the most significant characters in His-Story of redemption…
1. The angels were following God’s bidding to announce this good news to each of these “Christmas” characters.
2. The angels were celebrating in the birth as it would be the beginning of witnessing salvation’s story that they would celebrate over and over!
3. The angels were following God’s leadership in orchestrating the greatest announcement to all mankind.
4. The angels were a reminder to all of us of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in Zacharias and Elizabeth, in Mary and Joseph, of the good news of the Shepherds, and of the miracle to come for every one of us!
“Angels are servants of God that assist Him in carrying out His plans and purposes. The word ‘Angel’ actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means ‘messenger.’”
-James Cooper, Storm Watch: A Journey to Discipleship
E. As you prepare for Christmas…
1. Remember to keep focused on what is the most important part of this season.
2. Think of ways to share this Good News with others.
3. Amidst the gift giving and receiving, don’t lose sight of why we celebrate.
4. Give thanks for the supernatural gift that has changed our eternity!
“When my time to die comes, an angel will be there to comfort me. He will give me peace and joy even at the most critical hour, and usher me into the presence of God, and I will dwell with the Lord forever. Thank God for the ministry of His blessed angels! " -Billy Graham

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