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    Sunday 10:15 AM
Going Deeper is designed for use with your small group, a friend or on you own. Its aim is to create time for you to spend with God and his word. Do as much or as little as you like. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our pastoral staff.
1. Pray for the needs of your Life Group, for our church and our leaders, for personal and corporate renewal, and to allow God’s word to transform us.
Share a recent entry from your Life Journal with the group.
2. This Advent season we are looking at the description of Jesus found in John 1:1-14. This Sunday’s message focused on the first four verses where Jesus is described as the Logos – the Word. Special attention was given to the fact that God became flesh. What are some of the thoughts or ideas that struck you as you heard the message?
3. Read John 1:1-14. John begins his gospel with a theological prologue – a poetic rendering of the Christmas story. Here we see Jesus as the self-existent eternal God in close fellowship with the Godhead. Jesus is the creator of all things, and yet became the creature – God became man. Wow! The eternal God walking this planet – entering into our world in the fullest sense! What thoughts or questions does this raise for you?
4. Jesus is the Logos, the Word, the active expression of God’s will imparted to us at Salvation. When He speaks, things happen (Read Gen 1:1-3)! When he says: “Your sins are forgiven” you can be sure it has happened. What actions or changes have you experienced through the Logos Word?
5. God/Jesus incarnated Himself as a human, so God the creator placed Himself within His creation. Why do you think He chose this way to effect His plan to redeem His creation (humankind) from themselves and their inherent propensity to sin? Could there have been another way? Would we have responded to it?
6. Take a moment of silence to consider how God is speaking to you through these verses. Is He asking you to make changes or to do something new? What concrete steps of response do you want to take? How can your group support you in these steps?