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11.25.2018 | Acts - Week 25
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This Week's Bulletin
November 25, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.

9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donut Fellowship
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service

6:30 pm ~ Kid’s Christmas Play Practice

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT!

Kid's Christmas Special
The ROCK Kids will be ministering on Sun., Dec 9 during our morning worship service. Practice dates and times are as follows:

~ Monday, Nov 26
~ Monday, Dec 3

DRESS REHEARSAL (11:00-1:00)
~ Saturday, Dec 8 Pizza Lunch Provided

~ Sunday, Dec 9
New Life For Girls
The New Life for Girls ladies will be ministering in song and testimony on Sun., Dec 2. You don’t want to miss it! Invite a friend. The church is having a luncheon for the ladies immediately following the service. If you would like to join us, please sign up in the upper foyer and indicate what you would be able to bring. We would love to bless them with a good lunch and some great fellowship.
New Life For Girls Christmas
Please see the insert for how we can bless the New Life Ministry girls this Christmas season! Please place gifts at the tree in the upper foyer
Men's Christmas Dinner
The men will be having their Christmas dinner on Thursday Dec. 6 at 6:30 at Hoss's on White Street in York. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask a friend to join you. Please sign up in the lower foyer.
Women's Christmas Dinner
Fri., Dec. 14, 6:00 p.m. ~ Mark your calendars for our annual Women of Purpose Christmas Dinner at Ray’s in Wellsville. Please fill a Christmas sock with items of about $10 for our sock exchange. Sign up at the Women’s table in the upper foyer. Please see insert for details.
Women's Winter Book Club
The ladies will be reading the book “Dancing from Darkness: A WWII Survivor’s Journey to Light, Life & Redemption”. If you would like to read along with them, please sign up in the upper foyer and indicate if you need a book. Cost of the book is $12.00
Christmas Caroling
We have been invited by the Mayor of Dover Borough to join with other churches to go caroling on Sun., Dec 16. We will meet at Calvary Lutheran Church (at the square in Dover, across from Tom’s Gas Station) at 5:00 pm. They ask that we provide some desserts as we will gather for fellowship at Calvary following the caroling. Please sign up in the lower foyer if you can join us and indicate what you are able to bring.

Dover Assembly Hoodies
We will be ordering hoodies with our church’s new logo and vision statement. If you would like to order one or more, please see the sign up sheet in the lower foyer. Pullover or zipper hoodies are available. Payment must be received before the order is placed.
Holiday Benevolence
If you would like to contribute to our benevolence fund in order to supply items to families over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, please use the envelopes provided in the pew racks and indicate “benevolence”. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Special Thank You!
To June Tolbert for pulling all the dead flowers around the church as we prepare for winter. Thank you June! We appreciate you!
Memorial Flowers
The flowers on the communion table are in loving memory of Brenda Sweitzer, and Sue Conley who went to be with the Lord one year ago this week and Carl Perry who went to be with Jesus in March.
Christmas Decorating
We will be decorating the church for Christmas during the week of Dec 2-Dec 8. We will need many hands to facilitate this transition.
Annual Business Meeting
As we prepare for our annual church business meeting on Sun., Jan. 20, one of the items we will be covering is voting for Deacon Board members. The process at Dover Assembly for the election of our Deacon members is to encourage our voting members to submit names of other voting members whom they prayerfully feel would best serve our church and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The church agreed to limit the number of board members to 4 instead of 6 this year as we seek to re-establish the policy of electing 2 new board members per year.

This year we have 4 members who have reached the limit of (2) 3 year terms and must sit out for one year. Those members are Gil Tunney, Mark Crumrine, Paul Jones and Keith Housseal. Gil has agreed to fulfill the unexpired term of Sherwin Villagracia. Therefore we will need to elect 2 new members.

There are nominating forms at the Information Center. Please write the names of those who you would like to nominate, sign it and place them in the ballot box. We will only consider names of nominees from this ballot box. If you do not put the ballot in this secured box, the ballot will not be valid for consideration. Our nominating committee will review all nominees to determine if all constitutional requirements are met by that candidate.
The eligible nominees will be contacted and asked to pray over acceptance or rejection of the nomination. The names of those who accept the nomination are then presented to the church body three (3) weeks prior to the annual business meeting. Nomination ballots will be accepted until Sunday, Dec 9.
We have placed the mailboxes in the lower foyer to distribute any Christmas cards. Please take a mailbox number list as some numbers have changed.
Dec 1 ~ Dakoda Reed
Dec 2 ~ Leon Conley
Dec 3 ~ Darlene Osborn
Dec 5 ~ Diane Crumrine
Dec 7 ~ Jake Reed
Dec 8 ~ Jamie Wible
Dec 8 ~ Dominic Blanchard
Dec 17 ~ Rea Fearson
Dec 17 ~ Katlynn Havens
Dec 18 ~ Kim Coleman
Dec 24 ~ Gladys Johnston
Dec 30 ~ Mark Crumrine
Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
~ Helen S.
Prayer Needs
~ Robin H.
~ Beulah S.
~ Phil & Murina S.
~ Marian T.

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Last week we left off with Paul & Silas being led by the Holy Spirit to the place where God wanted him--not necessarily the plans Paul had in mind.

Paul was planning, but he was allowing God to ultimately direct where he was going.

We can’t be so ridged in our plans that we fail to see where God may be leading us.

This is where we left off last week...
Acts of the Apostles 16:12 NLT

Now we come to Paul’s first opportunity to speak...
Acts of the Apostles 16:13 NLT

In Jewish tradition, it took 10 men ( or 10 male head of households) to form a synagogue and if they didn’t have 10 men, then they would designate a place outside for prayer.

So it appears they didn’t have a great contingent of men and it was left to the women to pray.

It was a group of women that were doing the praying.

In those days, it was unheard of to have women be a part of anything religious.

The Pharisees had a saying: “It is better that the words of the law be burned than delivered to a woman.”

Some have said that Christianity is demeaning to women. When in fact, Christianity is the only one that seeks to elevate women to be equal in God’s eyes.
Acts of the Apostles 16:14 NLT

Notice that she was a successful business woman. She also found her way from Thyatira to Philippi.

The distance between the 2 was about 240 miles. Look at the next phrase in that verse...
Acts of the Apostles 16:14 NLT

Do we see what is happening here?

She was a gentile who was studying the Jewish faith. She wasn’t a full Jewish convert, but openly worshiped God with the Jewish people.

This was a lady who was seeking the truth.

God had brought her 240 miles to this city to be with this group of women. Then he sent Paul away from Paul’s original plans. Totally changed Paul’s direction, all to meet with this lady.

How many are praying for family and friends that are miles away from you? And maybe your interaction is limited if at all.

If God can direct these people in order that one be saved, think what he can do in response to your prayers.
Acts of the Apostles 16:14 NLT

The way this is phrased means that he was sitting and sharing his testimony in conversation. It was not him standing and preaching at them. It was a personal moment.

We can’t convince anyone. God has to open their hearts. God has to change them.

Once God opened her heart, she accepted what Paul was saying. We first have to pray that God opens the hearts of the people we love.

Then they can accept the truth.
Acts of the Apostles 16:15 NLT

This one conversation resulted in the church at Philippi being born.

Philippi was the one church that we feel was most personal to Paul.

It was the cause of the book of Philippians which most of us consider to be more personal than Paul’s other writings.

But now we'll look at the next couple of verses that we may glance over without much thought.
Acts of the Apostles 16:15 NLT

The church at Philippi started as a house church in the home of Lydia.

This was Lydia’s town this was Lydia’s home. Paul was a visitor and yet she extended her home to him.

She put herself out to accommodate someone who was new to the neighborhood.
Most of us, if not all, consider this our home church. We are the ones who live here, we are the ones who make it happen every week.

We are the ones who have put our time and money into building Dover Assembly.

But we have to realize that this church, for the most part, does not exist for our comfort and desires.

Churches exist to bring people into a relationship with Christ.
What is our vision?

Connecting to God, Building People, Offering Hope.

If we don’t do part 1, then we can’t do parts 2 & 3.

People are more open to spiritual things during this time of year.
Many attend church that normally do not.

Family members invite other family members to come with them.

Whenever the time period is, when people walk in our doors who have not been here before, or in a while, do they find the same hospitality that Lydia gave to Paul?

Do we put ourselves out to make this person feel welcome?

The truth is when people come to visit, they want to feel special. Isn’t that what Jesus did for people? He made them feel that they weren’t outcasts. That he actually cared about them.

Make them feel special. That his attention was only on them?

Paul felt such a bond with the people at Philippi because they showed him hospitality that up to that point he had not experienced.
There is a phrase by the poet Maya Angelou that goes:
People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.
Our ministry and each of us is called to it, whether you feel that way or not, is to make that person feel special and they are welcome in our church.
Have you ever walked into a store and needed help and you see two employees talking to each other and ignoring you? How do you feel?

Have you ever walked out of a store saying “I’m never going back there, THEY treated me poorly”?

In reality, probably one person treated you poorly and the other 100 employees would have treated you well.

But you make a determination on that store based on one event.
Can you imagine how things might have turned out different if Paul had been his usual gruff self? Been complaining about Mark and his argument with Barnabas?

Do you think that Lydia would have responded the way she did?

The point is, for God to open someone’s heart, they have to be in a position to receive it.

And like it or not, we are the ones who determines if they are in that position.

It’s easy for us to focus on the ministry or task that we have on any given Sunday, rather than on the person to whom we minister.

The task focuses on what we have to do, hospitality focuses on the feelings of the person associated with the task.
We truly want people to feel loved, appreciated and welcomed into our church, but we don’t want them to feel like a visitor.
What does this mean?

If you work in Target, no matter your position if a customer asks you where something is, you are to leave what you are doing and walk them to the exact spot they were looking for.

You are not supposed to just tell them.

A visitor gets directions and is left to find out his own way.

One who is loved and appreciated is taken there by someone who is showing that love and appreciation
Lydia’s hospitality to Paul and his companions was very formative in his relationship with that church.

One commentary said that Paul’s most loved congregations was the church at Philippi. And it became the center for Christian outreach and worship in Philippi.

When people enter a church for the first time, their ability to be open to what God is doing is largely based on how they see God’s people behave.
George Barna did a poll of guests at church and their #1 response was welcomed but ignored...

We not only want people to truly feel welcomed, and appreciated and not ignored. Because their lives matter to us.

Their spiritual condition matters to us.

Their desire to be a part of a church family matters to us.

Most people who attend church do it for God, but they also do it for that sense of camaraderie and family.

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Our job is to make people feel special.
So when we arrive, it’s good to talk and visit with those we know, but maybe we need to do that later and be on the lookout for those who attend who may need us to sit with them and talk with them.

Make them feel like we care about them.

They likely won’t remember what songs we sang or what we preached, but they will remember that you made them feel welcomed and special.

And you know what? They’ll come back and be able to receive exactly what God has for them.

And this could be the turning point in their lives. All because someone here loved on them and made them feel special.

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