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Family Tree: Joseph - A Father Who Trusted God
In May and June we will be exploring several Fathers in the Bible. Join us Sundays at 10:30. June 19th - Joseph
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Joseph, Mary’s husband is one of the forgotten heroes of the Nativity story. We know from 1:19 that he was a righteous man.

We don’t know a lot about him from Scripture.

A dying man tried to find a family to raise his daughter. He placed her with a Christian family because they would treat her right and show her the right way to live. How particular do you suppose God was when He was choosing the family that would raise Jesus? I think that God would want to find a family that would treat the child well, that would train Him up in the way of the Lord, that would give Jesus the example that every young man needs and deserves.

Much, much emphasis is placed on Mary and her choice to become the mother of Jesus. Yes, she deserves to be thanked and held in great respect, but too often, we forget about Joseph. His example and lifestyle were very influential in the life of the Lord Jesus. Of his background all we know was that Joseph came from the town of Bethlehem , and was from the lineage of David.

Joseph was a carpenter. We know this because Jesus was referred to as the carpenter’s son (Mt 13:55).

He probably taught Jesus his trade - as fathers in those days used to teach their sons their trade.

Archeologists had uncovered the ruins of Saphoris (modern Tzippori in Israel), a thriving city near Nazareth. It is believed that Joseph spent much time there working as a carpenter probably with his son, Jesus.

Joseph doesn’t say a single word in the Gospels. He listens and obeys. We might assume his words are recorded, because we can imagine the conversations he had with Mary, and the Angel Gabriel. He can “hear” him talking to the innkeeper. We can visualize him teaching Jesus about carpentry…but then he fades from the scene. It is widely thought that Joseph was much older than Mary, and when Jesus began His ministry, Mary appears alone, and although the Bible doesn’t say she’s a widow, we can deduce that Joseph has since died.

Jewish marriage took part in three stages.

Contractual Stage. Young people had little to do w/ the process as most marriages were pre-arranged. A legal contract would be signed w/ details of the dowry put in writing! They grew up knowing who they would marry.

Espousal Stage. After the contractual stage was the espousal stage, what we would call an engagement period, which normally lasted about a year. Now they were allowed to spend time together and start getting to know each other . Love is a choice, a decision, a commitment!

Jewish marriage took part in three stages. (Cont)

Espousal Stage (Cont). Today we make much more allowance for attraction, and none of us would want our marriage completely arranged/

In Matthew 1 they are in the espousal stage. They are supposed to spend lots of time together, but must keep themselves pure during this time.

An Unexpected Development

The pregnancy of Mary during the betrothal period was a serious offense. The Betrothal period was considered as binding as a marriage. How one responds in a time of crisis reveals our true nature. Joseph’s reaction reveals a man under control.

An Uncharacteristic Deliberation

Most men would have divorced Mary, this would have left her poverty stricken and because of the baby, no other man would have dared marry her. Joseph was just, righteous. He wanted to do the right thing by Mary. Joseph and Jesus were both marked by their compassion

An Uncommon Decision

Joseph, by right, could have invoked the death penalty He could have Mary stoned to death publicly. However, he chose to spare her the shame. Again, this reveals compassion on the part of Joseph.

The one thing we know about Joseph that was special was that he had four dreams in which God spoke to him.

1st Dream
When the angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him that he should marry Mary.


1st Dream (Cont)

The Truth of the Pregnancy Is Revealed. Joseph discovers who the real Father is. Joseph realizes that he has been chosen to be part of a glorious plan.

The Child’s Title Is Revealed. Joseph is commanded to name the child Jesus, meaning Jehovah is salvation.

Joseph’s Task Is Revealed. Joseph would have to live with the shame that would be placed upon Him by others.

2nd Dream
When God warned him to take Mary and the child Jesus and flee to Egypt

3rd Dream

When an angel of the Lord came to Joseph in a dream telling him to return to Israel, following the death of Herod

4th Dream

When on his way back from Egypt, Joseph was concerned about going to Israel God spoke to Joseph in a dream guiding Joseph to move with the family to Galilee. (Mt 2:22-23)

He Obeyed the Lord’s Commands

Obedience reveals the heart of man like nothing else. When we obey the Lord’s command, even when they are unpleasant or hard, it proves our love for Him and reveals where our loyalty truly is.

He Observed Mary’s Chastity

Mary and Joseph never came together physically until after Jesus was born, thus fulfilling the Scripture.

This is another indication of the man’s moral standing. A lesser man would have demanded the right of a husband. Joseph possessed the characteristics of his Old Testament counterpart Joseph
Gen. 39:9

He Observed Mary’s Chastity (Cont)

A lesser man would have demanded the right of a husband. Joseph possessed the characteristics of his Old Testament counterpart Joseph

He Obediently Named the Child
The right of naming the child was in the hand of the Father. Joseph knew that the child’s true Father wanted the child called Jesus. Therefore, Joseph named the child Jesus.

The character of the child within her was revealed to Joseph.
1. God uses ordinary people like you and me.

2. Joseph was chosen to be the surrogate father of Jesus because he was pure of life and pure of heart.

3. Joseph did God’s will.