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11.11.2018 | Acts - Week 23
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This Week's Bulletin
November 11, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.


Sunday ~ Veteran's Day
9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donut Fellowship
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service
3:00 pm ~ Worship Practice

Monday ~ Veteran's Day (Observed)
6:30 pm ~ Kid’s Christmas Play Practice

10:00 am ~ Pastor’s Sectional Meeting

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT!


Kid's Christmas Special
The ROCK Kids will be ministering on Sun., Dec 9 during our morning worship service. They will be practicing Monday evenings. Here are the dates to put on your calendars:

~ Monday, Nov 12
~ Monday, Nov 19
~ Monday, Nov 26
~ Monday, Dec 3
DRESS REHEARSAL (11:00-1:00)
~ Saturday, Dec 8
~ Sunday, Dec 9

Women's Christmas Dinner
Fri., Dec. 14, 6:00 p.m. ~ Mark your calendars for our annual Women of Purpose Christmas Dinner at Ray’s in Wellsville. Please fill a Christmas sock with items of about $10 for our sock exchange. Sign up at the Women’s table in the upper foyer. Please see insert for details.

Women's Winter Book Club
The ladies will be reading the book “Dancing from Darkness: A WWII Survivor’s Journey to Light, Life & Redemption”. If you would like to read along with them, please sign up in the upper foyer and indicate if you need a book.

New Life For Girls
The ladies will be ministering in song and testimony on Sun., Dec 2. Plan on bringing someone who would benefit from hearing what God can do to change your life.

Thanksgiving Dinner
If you do not have family or friends with which to celebrate Thanksgiving, Michelle will be preparing a meal for you here at the church. If you would like to join her on Thanksgiving day from 11-5, for a good meal, fellowship and games, please sign up in the lower foyer.


Dover Assembly Hoodies
We will be ordering hoodies with our church’s new logo and vision statement. If you would like to order one or more, please see the sign up sheet in the lower foyer. Pullover or zipper hoodies are available. Payment must be received before the order is placed.

To Tyler Landis for passing all the required tests to become a York County Fire Fighter! Way to go Tyler!

Special Thank You!
Thank you to all who made my birthday such a special day. Thank you to the kids who ministered in song and provided me with a lifetime supply of pickles and pickle-related items. I appreciate all the showings of love. -Pastor Jeff

Outdoor Winter Prep
As the weather turns, we will need some help in removing all the flowers that will inevitably be ready to go as the first frost comes. If you can help, please sign up in the lower foyer. Thank you in advance!

Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
~ Helen S.
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Wed. Nov 21 ~ Thanksgiving Eve Service
Thurs/Fri Nov. 22, 23 ~ Thanksgiving ~ church offices closed

Mon., Dec. 3 ~ Deacon Board Meeting
Thur. Dec. 6 ~ Men’s Christmas Dinner
Thur. Dec 13 ~ Deacon Christmas Dinner
Fri., Dec. 14 ~ WOP Christmas Dinner, 6:00 p.m. @ Rays in Wellsville
Sun., Dec. 16 ~ Pastor and Anna 11 year anniversary at Dover Assembly!
Mon. Dec. 24 ~ Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Wed., Dec. 26 ~ NO Evening Services
Sun., Dec. 30 ~ NO Sunday School | Worship Service at 10:30 as usual

Wed. Jan. 2 ~ Family Night Services resume
Jan., 6 - 11 ~ Week of Prayer (Sun – Wed, Jan 6, 7, 8, 9) Church Open Th/Fri

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As we continue our study through the book of ACTS, we remember last week we discussed the Jerusalem Council, where issues were debated and James the leader of the council made a ruling about those heated discussions.

As we will see today, those type of “discussions” while not common, did occasionally happen.

Even through those “discussions” God can work His will.
The council in Jerusalem was over, James had made his decision. Letters were sent detailing that decision.

Now we pick it up “later”. Using what was taught at the council, Paul and Barnabas were about to set off on a new course.

Look at what Paul had envisioned--his plan was to just go back and visit churches that were already started to see how the folks were doing. He had not planned on it being a new outreach or evangelistic event. It was simply to visit his old stomping grounds, but as we will see later, this actually became his 2nd Missionary Journey.

We don’t know if Paul’s desire to visit the old churches was what God wanted to begin with, but God was able to redirect Paul’s plan to accomplish His plan.

Sometimes in our desire to really follow God’s will, we may chose our own will, thinking it was what God had planned. Maybe you find our well into your plan that you missed what God wanted to do.

The great thing is that God can redirect you to where He wants you to be.
Here we have another disagreement between 2 godly men. Mark was Barnabas’s cousin.
Naturally, Barnabas would stick up for him.

Barnabas was also called “son of encouragement”. He was probably more kind and had a more gracious personality.

He wanted to give Mark every opportunity to prove himself.

Giving him second chances.

But, Mark if you remember, had kinda ditched Paul the first time around.
Acts of the Apostles 13:13 NLT

Good and Godly people can and will disagree on non-doctrinal things in God’s work. It is inevitable. Every person has their own personality, their own idiosyncrasies, their own likes and dislikes.

None of which are wrong. It is just who we are and how we are wired.

And good and Godly church people can get into heated arguments. We just have to be careful that we don’t sin in our disagreements.
There will be times when styles, personalities and idiosyncrasies may drive people apart.

Paul’s thinking was “What can they do for God’s work?"

Barnabas’ thinking was “What can God’s work do for them?”

Both questions are equally important, our task is to balance them.

The word for “disagreement” is a neutral word. It does not indicate who was right and who was wrong, and the text doesn’t indicate that either.

Even good people disagree on things. But again, God will use even those things to His benefit.
What happened? Instead of 1 missionary team you now have 2.

God changes workmen, but his work goes on.

The minute we think that any ministry or work of God depends on one person, then we are discounting the power of God to get his work done.
Warren Wiersbe says: If God had to depend on perfect people to accomplish His work, he’d never get anything done. Our limitations and imperfections are good reasons for us to depend on the grace of God.
We do know that as time goes on Paul has a change of heart about Mark.
Mark was able to prove himself. If Barnabas didn’t give him that chance, Mark might have just faded away.

One failure does not define who we are.

Just because we blow it big time and many count us out, there is always a 2nd chance. One setback doesn’t necessarily get us out of the game.

Mark got the 2nd chance, but he also worked very hard at it. Paul says “he is helpful to me in my ministry”

He not only had to work, but he had to work in such a way that Paul saw the difference.

Be faithful to work for God and those here who need to know, will be made aware. God will see to that.

So the argument has ended, the teams were established and each went their own way.

We now begin to follow the team of Paul & Silas.
Here we have an example of being unequally yoked. In Jewish law, children followed the mother’s faith, but in Greek law, they followed the father’s.

And here we see that the Jewish tradition lost. Because Timothy wasn’t circumcised.

In marriages where one is a believer and the other isn’t, there will inevitably be conflict.

And one of 2 things will happen: Either the believer stands up and fights and have a contentious home, or they give in to the other to keep the peace.

Timothy’s mother must have given in to keep the peace.
So Timothy had a good reputation in the Jewish community, even though they knew his dad was Greek they counted him as a Jew, but the next verse seems contradictory to what we heard last week--that in order to be saved, you needed to be circumcised.

This wasn’t about that. It was an important spiritual principle at work here. Timothy’s circumcision wasn’t about being saved, it was about his ability to minister to the Jews.

They knew he was Jewish with a Greek dad. If he wasn’t circumcised, they would doubt his allegiance and his sincerity. This was so that he would not be a stumbling block to the Jews to whom he would preach.

Think about what Tim did in order to not be a stumbling block to fellow Jews -- No anesthesia. No surgical instruments. Probably just a rusty old knife Paul had with him.

Imagine the pain, suffering and recovery time. All just so he would not be s stumbling block and his ministry would be more effective.

What are we willing to do, or give up so that we could be more of a witness to others?

Do we exercise our freedom in Christ, because we can, or do we give up what we are free to do in order to have a better platform from which to share?
What would happen is that the conversation would move from Salvation through Christ, to why isn’t this Jewish guy circumcised.

Anything that takes the conversation down a different path, would be a stumbling block.

For Jews it would be circumcision.

Paul’s thoughts are this: “Being a good Christian does not mean being a bad Jew. Rather it meant being a fulfilled or completed Jew”

Paul didn’t want to make this a point of contention with godly Jews.

Timothy was going to be an example of a godly Jew, just like to whom he preached, so they could see that one who was like them is now a Christian.

When we minister to others, we don’t want to come off as better than them, but simply just like they are but with a changed life.

Nobody here is any better than anyone else, the only difference is we know Jesus and have been forgiven.

What happened when Timothy was obedient?
Don’t we all want to be strengthened in our faith? Don’t we all want to grow as a church?

As we share and consider others above ourselves, people’s lives will be transformed and so will ours.

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