Southview Baptist Church
Guest preacher Pastor Roger Criser.
Locations & Times
  • Southview Baptist Church
    3434 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE 68502, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
Wisdom is God’s practical knowledge of how life works.

Wisdom promises we’ll do well.
Folly is all the other ways people teach to live life.

Folly claims to have found a better way.
What do their invitations mean to us?

#1 We are to live our lives according to them.
#2 We must make a choice between them.
#3 We are to listen and then choose.
Describe Woman Wisdom.

#1 She has a magnificent house.
#2 She has prepared a magnificent meal.
#3 She has set a magnificent table.
Describe Woman Folly .

#1 She is loud and undisciplined.
#2 Her meal is served on the porch.
#3 Her menu is bread and water.
What does Woman Wisdom say?

#1 Come and leave your simple ways.
Ways not influenced by wisdom.
#2 Walk in the way of understanding.
Ways that know how to handle life’s pitfalls.
What does Woman Folly say?

#1 The water she offers is stolen.
#2 You will eat her bread in secret.
This verse is in the exact middle of Proverbs?

#1 Therefore Solomon is emphasizing it.
#2 It is a “Better Than” proverb.
Which is better, wisdom or money?

#1 Sometimes you can do both.
#2 Sometimes making money interferes with gaining wisdom.

You chose wisdom.
Their fruit and yield are better.
Summary: Life is better with them.
Trouble is found in money
Wisdom & Understanding produce the Fear of the Lord.
Money brings Turmoil.
What are the odds that we all have fallen for money's folly?
Answer? Gain Wisdom and Understanding.

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