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The God of Jonah
Jonah 4
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
3 major purposes of the book of Jonah:
• To show you how God pursues sinners
• To show you how God uses His people in the world
• To contrast the difference in God’s heart and ours
Jonah's God was:

1. The God Who is Patient
Jonah's God was:

2. The God Who is Compassionate
Jonah's God was:

3. The God Who is Generous
Our sadness makes him sad; our pain brings him pain.
Jesus - “Here is all my goodness. I am infinitely loving and I want to pardon everybody. Yet, I am infinitely just and I never let sin go unpunished.”
What do we do with this God?

1. Let God be God.
2. Walk in the humility of his grace.
3. Share His story everywhere.
4. Let God write the final chapter.


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