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Experiencing a New Power: Filled by the Spirit

A. God promised and provided that we would have an abundant and fruitful life in Christ…
1. Jesus came that we would have a full life in Christ!
2. Jesus came that we would produce much fruit!
3. Jesus came that the fruit of the Spirit would be evident in our lives.
4. Jesus came to give us His power to live this life.
5. As a result of the Holy Spirit’s work in us, our life would demonstrate His power in sharing our faith, in our prayer life, in obedience, and in demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit.
B. If God promised all this, why do most Christians not experience this?
1. Many Christians do not experience this because they do not keep on a spiritual pathway of growth.
2. Many Christians do not experience this because their spiritual lives are up and down.
3. Many Christians do not experience this because the struggle is overpowering!
4. Many Christians do not experience this because they fail to trust Christ for His power and fall back into their old pattern of life.
5. As a result of all of this, the Christian’s life is filled with unbelief, sin, legalism, aimlessness, worry, discouragement, and lacking love for God and others.
1. When you are walking in the Spirit, your life will become more and more like Jesus.
2. When you are walking in the Spirit, your relationship with Jesus will become more vital.
3. When you are walking in the Spirit, you will have a greater power to share your faith.
4. When you are walking in the Spirit, you will have a greater power to resist temptation and sin.
D. The solution…be filled with the Spirit…
1. When we are born again, the Spirit comes to live in our hearts, but He lacks control over our lives.
2. To be filled, we first must offer God a clean heart. So, confess your sins to Him.
3. Offer every area of your life to Him.
3. I love because He first loved me.
4. By faith, claim the promise of being filled with the Spirit.
Acts of the Apostles 15:8-9 NLT

E. Practice “Spiritual Breathing”…
1. Be alert to the Spirit’s work in your life. When you fail by an act of disobedience, don’t stop…practice “Spiritual Breathing.”
2. Exhale by confessing your sin. Agree with God in His view of sin and thank Him for forgiveness!
3. Inhale by surrendering control of your life to Christ. By faith, trust God to empower you to a cleaner walk with Him. Thank Him for His power and promises.

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