Wooded Chapel of Mercer, PA
Be Thankful - 11/03/19
Discover God's Love through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. ~ Pastor Sharon
Locations & Times
  • Wooded Chapel
    Lackawannock Township, PA, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Being thankful is not optional for a Christian. If it was impossible, God would not have told us to do it.
It seems the more people have the less thankful they become. Why is that?

( Song ) Thank You Lord

Don Moen

Gratitude is a mark of maturity. Ingratitude is a mark of immaturity.
Unthankful people are never happy. In fact, the more thankful a person is, the happier they are. The cure for unhappiness is being thankful. Try it.

Tithes and Offerings

Our ministry is maintained by God and we follow by faith... So we ask that you share your offerings with your community. Share with your family and friends, strangers and enemies alike. Show the love that God has shown to you. Offer your kindness, your help, your love, your gifts, no matter how large or small. Even a prayer or a friendly smile will uplift. Offer in the name of Christ Jesus! Be fruitful for our Lord! And please don't forget your daily offering of Thanks to our amazing God! Live for Him!


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11/03/19 - Be Thankful - Week 36
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