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Disciple series wk10: Faith on the GO
Jesus called his followers to follow after him. To be His disciple or apprentice if you will. In the process of living life with him they were changed. Their hearts, minds, actions, motives began to reflect more and more the one they followed. We want to examine some of the key interactions, teachings and modeling Jesus used to grow and transform his disciples found within the Gospel of Matthew. There are incredible insights and important foundational truths that are meant to challenge and change us as we seek to follow Jesus today.
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    domingo 5:00 PM

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As we look at this series – we've been looking through the lens of ‘disciple’ – how did Jesus disciple the disciples? How did He go about training them to have his heart, attitudes, actions replicated within them? How is He still wanting to be doing that within us? A disciple is NOT an intern. The life of following after a Rabbi was one of apprenticeship & thus active 'followership'. “May the dust of your rabbi always be upon you” was a famous saying to a disciple…meaning may your proximity to the one you follow be so close that their dust rests upon you. That you would see how they see, act as they act, do as they do.
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Disciples are to live their lives on the GO for Jesus - leveraging their lives so that other can see, hear about and come to know Jesus. Apprentices of Jesus, produce other apprentices of Jesus.
Christians are at their best when they are telling the world about Jesus—his grace, kindness, and beauty—while also showing the world who he is by the kinds of people we are becoming. The content of our beliefs is important. Equally important is the way that we express them.
“Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.”
-St. Francis of Assisi
Yes, we must live out the actions/love of Jesus in our conduct; but we’re also to speak and converse about Jesus, his love, truth, grace.
Words carry weight. They’re NECESSARY in our verbal culture.

Interesting article: It's getting harder to talk about God...

Nearly every New Testament author speaks about the power of spiritual dialogue, and Jesus final command to his disciples was to go into the world and spread his teachings. 

book recommendations:
-Learning to Speak God from Scratch (Jonathan Merritt) *survey
-Christians in the Age of Outrage (Ed Stetzer)
if we’re to live out the Great Commission of Jesus (Matt 28), we must do so with Great Commandment love (Matt 22) -- we must live it out through our actions AND we must speak about Jesus as we have opportunity.
Our faith is a faith on the GO… it’s not a faith of those who sequester away, or huddle up and gather just among one another. It’s a faith of the scattered and Jesus followers who live faith out - on the GO.
GO and Be…we’re to be “ACTIVE AGENTS” for God.
As we live on the GO for Jesus – I want us to think 3 key opportunities:
1) focused friendships (*BLESS strategy)
2) strategic patronage
3) divine conversations
Today we culminate with Jesus words in Matthew 28: that basically challenge us with this truth:
Apprentices of Jesus, produce other apprentices of Jesus.

Disciple series - all key takeaways

attached is a link to a printout of all our key takeaways from each of the weeks we've spent studying in the gospel of Matthew on how to grow as a DISCIPLE.

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