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Covenant Baptist Church
James XII - Joyfully Persevering (James 5:7-11)
Sermon Guide for October 14, 2018
Locations & Times
  • Covenant Baptist Church
    5440 SW 37th St, Topeka, KS 66614, USA
    Sunday 10:45 AM
What do you turn to when you face problems or hardships?
How is it working for you?
Vs 7-8: Persevere with Joy!
We can patiently and courageously endure the hardships and troubles of life while keeping in this in mind; this is not how it will be forever.
Vs 9: Stay focused!
As we patiently endure, be careful not to get focused on each other’s weaknesses and begin to grumble and complain about one another.
Vs 10-11; Remember our great examples!
We can know God will be as faithful to us as He was to those who have gone before us. We get the benefit of seeing the big picture and the outcomes of their lives of faith and confidence in God.
Suffering in this life has always make it challenging to remain confident and steadfast in Jesus.
How can we practice living more aware of His presence?
● Intentionally turn your mind back to His presence throughout the day.
Begin the day meditating on Psalm 23. When you do this, take time to think through the coming events of the day and envision Jesus present with you in each of them.
Take time at lunch to look back and look ahead. Take time to think through Psalm 23 again.
Think through how the morning has gone and how aware you were of Jesus presence with you. Be careful not to take on guilt/shame through this process.
● Take time near the end of the day to again reflect on and take notice of Jesus’ presence with you and the moments of awareness you had. Reflect on a Psalm like Psalm 63:6. Celebrate, confess and express hope for tomorrow

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